Unity Ecosystem Manager is part of the Teradata Unity portfolio of products supporting multi-system Teradata Environments.  While part of the Unity portfolio, it can also be leveraged as an event-driven system for efficient monitoring, alerting  and control of an entire analytic environment (Applications, Servers, Jobs, Tables) for a single Teradata, Aster or Hadoop system. 

The Unity Ecosystem Manager 15.00 release focus was on Viewpoint 15.00 and Teradata Database 15.00 release certification.  This was a Unity Ecosystem Manager 14.10 Maintenance release relabeled to reflect Teradata Database 15.00 compatibility. The primary functional change was making the Ecosystem Manager versatile explorer dashboard Viewpoint 15.00 compliant.  Viewpoint 15.00 included significant User Interface changes such that existing Viewpoint portlets were no longer compatible with the release.  As a result, all Products that have Viewpoint Portlet dependencies required updates to be compatible with this new release.

The Unity Ecosystem 14.10 Explorer Dashboard appears as follows:

The Unity Ecosystem Manager 15.00 Dashboard with Viewpoint 15.00 compliance appears as follows:

With the underlying Unity Ecosystem Manager infrastructural changes to support Viewpoint 15.00 compatibility, all product portlets need to be upgraded in sync.  The listing below documents the minimal product versions necessary for Teradata Viewpoint 15.00 compatibility.

  • Viewpoint 15.00
  • Data Lab 15.00
  • DSA 15.00
  • Unity Ecosystem Manager 15.00
  • Unity Data Mover 14.11
  • Unity Director / Unity Loader 14.11
stanley23 2 comments Joined 09/14
03 Sep 2014

Hi mh151012,
I would like to know more about Unity Ecosystem manger 15.0 and UEM in general.

What are your recommend sources ?

mh151012 10 comments Joined 10/12
04 Sep 2014

The 15.00 release of Unity Ecosystem Manager was somewhat limited in content as the focus was to support the Teradata Database and Viewpoint 15.00 releases.  I would suggest reviewing two other articles posted to this site on Unity Ecosystem Manager and both are related to the Unity Ecosystem Manager 14.10 release.  This release had significant content and the articles provide further product details. A brochure is also available at the following link

stanley23 2 comments Joined 09/14
09 Sep 2014

Thank you so much Sir. 

michael.trothe 1 comment Joined 06/13
03 Dec 2014

We have been given the task of using Datamover and Ecosystem manager to keep a Prod and DR synchronised.
CAn we use Ecosystem manager to indicate what tables in what databases are out of sync and output the result to file or table so we can use it as the basis to update the DR site,
Also can we use ecosystem manager to auto trigger sync jobs on out of sync tables. if so how and what are the negatives to take into account.

mh151012 10 comments Joined 10/12
03 Dec 2014

There are many customers leveraging Data Mover and Ecosystem Manager to keep their DR system in sync with production (within a given latency measured in hours not minutes).
First, Ecosystem Manager has a full complemented of table comparison tools that can be deployed against multiple Teradata systems.  Table comparisons can be as simple as row count or more complex using a validation expression against multiple columns.  The validation can be run against the full table or query banded for partial comparison.  The comparisons can be run manually, event driven or scheduled.  If two tables are found to be out of sync, Ecosystem Manager can send an Email alert and/or trigger a script such as a data mover job to bring the tables back in sync. 
The control aspects of Ecosystem Manager provide the ability to instrument some basic workflows. Since Ecosystem Manager can be triggered by ETL start/step and end events for load jobs, those events could trigger the execution of a DM script to copy a table over to the DR system.  The completion of the DM script can trigger another event where the Table validation is executed against the two tables and if still out of sync, notify the DBA through email that further action may be required. 

This will require instrumentation and PS is highly skilled in supporting such efforts.

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