Training material for Teradata Tools and Utilities.

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SAP BusinessObjects (BOBJ) Overview

SAP BusinessObjects(BOBJ) Overview - Module 2 - BOBJ/Teradata Implementation Best Practices

Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse Business Intelligence Perspective

Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse Business Intelligence Perspective - Module 1 - BOBJ/Teradata Implementation Best Practices

Teradata Parallel Transporter: Like Fine Wine, It Gets Better With Age

Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) is the premiere client load/unload tool, providing parallel extraction and loading of critical data. It is a flexible, high-performance data warehouse loading tool specifically optimized for the Teradata Database that enables high speed data extraction and loading under a single framework. TPT employs a single scripting language, utilizing the FastExport, MultiLoad, FastLoad, TPump and ODBC protocols. We are making great strides in each release to improve its ease-of-use and provide features that add value to the customer, their loading environment and their data.

IBM Cognos BI Best Practices on Teradata

This course is a high-level collection of best practice guidelines on the use of Cognos 8 Business Intelligence and Teradata components.

From SQL to Web service without ever leaving your desk

So you told your boss about the cool “Consumer Credit Score” SQL algorithm you wrote and all she said was “Great, integrate it into the Call Center application this weekend.” Now all you have to do is turn your SQL algorithm into a BI Web service ready for integration with their Web application... Simple right?

Implementing SAP/BusinessObjects with Teradata

Implementing SAP/BusinessObjects with Teradata- Module 4 - BOBJ/Teradata Implementation Best Practices

TASM/Priority Scheduler Implementation Workshop

This workshop is led by a Sr. Professional Services expert who has delivered successful TASM & priority scheduler implementations. Priority scheduling concepts, TASM set up, Teradata Dynamic Systems Management, best practices when assigning priorities, and Teradata Manager monitoring tools are covered. The most common problems that must be corrected before TASM is turned on are also discussed. A sample mixed workload problem is used to illustrate the steps needed to analyze and correct the problem, such as DBQL inspection, capacity analysis, and query tuning. The session emphasizes real world best practices, tips, and traps. This education isn’t found in books -- it only comes from top experts.

Teradata Load Utilities - Pushing Data!!

This presentation describes, in detail, the various load utilities supported by Teradata.

Data Mining In-Database with SAS

Data mining is the process of discovering and interpreting (unknown) patterns in data to solve a business problem.

Simplifying Data Quality Assessment using Teradata Profiler

One of the major causes for the failure of information systems to deliver can be attributed to data quality. Gartner’s figures and other similar studies show the failure rate hovering at a plateau of 50% for data warehouses since 2004." [Piprani/Ernst, "A Model for Data Quality Assessment"] Don’t let your project be one of them!