Teradata Parallel Transporter is the premiere client load/unload tool, providing parallel extraction and loading of critical data.

It's a flexible, high-performance data warehouse loading tool specifically optimized for the Teradata Database that enables high-speed data extraction and loading under a single framework. Parallel Transporter employs a single scripting language, utilizing the Teradata FastExport, MultiLoad, FastLoad, TPump and ODBC protocols. We're making great strides in each release to improve its ease-of-use and provide features that add value to the customer, their loading environment and their data. This presentation will detail new customer-oriented features such as date/time/timestamp conversions, delimited data output at FastExport speeds, improved performance, and error table data extraction.

Note: This was a 2012 Teradata Partners Conference session.

Teradata Release information: Teradata 14.0

Keywords: TPT

Presenter: Steve Feinholz, Architect – Teradata

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Audience: Data Warehouse Administrator, Data Warehouse Architect/Designer, Data Warehouse Technical Specialist

Course number:50360
Training URL:http://www.teradata.com/t/ten/
Format:Recorded webcast
Credit hours:1.00