Provides a detailed demonstration of the features and functions of the Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) product. It explores the product capabilities and demonstrates how the product fits into the Teradata product environment as a load/unload tool, with substantial implications for the throughput and performance expectations of an Active Data Warehouse. In addition to the many special purpose ‘operators’ provided by TPT, we look at the peripheral features which make it a seamless fit into an enterprise environment. The benefits and flexibilities of a single scripting language to support all loading and unloading functions are also demonstrated, along with many practical applications of the product to real customer requirements.


  • Define the role of TPT in loading/unloading a Teradata Database.
  • Describe the TPT Application Program Interface (API) and its role in developing customized tools
  • Components that make up a TPT script, such as: DEFINE JOB, DEFINE OPERATOR, DEFINE SCHEMA, APPLY
  • TPT operators and their roles in the load/unload operation of a Teradata Database.
  • Use of the Export operator to export data from Teradata tables to an external target.
  • Use of the Data Connector operator to create external files from exported data.
  • Use of the SQL Selector operator to export data from Teradata tables to an external target.
  • Use of the LOAD operator to load data to a target Teradata table.
  • Use of the DDL operator to perform table setup and cleanup functions within the script.
  • How to filter, convert or pre-process source data prior to loading to a Teradata table.
  • Use of the SQL Inserter operator to load data to Teradata tables.
  • Use of data streams in place of external physical files.
  • Use of the UPDATE operator to insert, update, upsert and delete data held in Teradata tables.
  • Performing Delete tasks using the UPDATE operator.
  • Use of public and private logs as post-exe.
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Audience: DBAs and system administrators using TPT.

Course number:35057
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Credit hours:18.00