Teradata Parallel Transporter is the best-performing and recommended load/unload utility for the Teradata Database. After watching this presentation, you will learn...

...how to scale a load job using parallel load streams from multiple input files, learn about automatic loading of files from multiple directories, how to combine an export and load into a single job, how to load directly from any database with the plug-in Access Modules and Operators, learn about unlimited symbolic substitution for the script language to determine job behavior at runtime, learn about TPT API for superior integration with ETL tools, learn about many more features that will make it faster and easier to load your Teradata Database.

Key points

  • Learn the features and benefits of Teradata Parallel Transporter
  • See usage examples of ease of use features when loading the Teradata Database
  • Learn how 3rd party ETL vendors are taking advantage of the new Application Programming Interface for superior integration when loading the Teradata Database

Note: This was a 2006 Partners Conference presentation.

Presenter: Mark Haydostian, Product Manager - Teradata Corporation

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Course number:36365
Training URL:http://www.teradata.com/t/ten/
Format:Recorded webcast
Credit hours:1.00