So you told your boss about the cool “Consumer Credit Score” SQL algorithm you wrote and all she said was “Great, integrate it into the Call Center application this weekend.” Now all you have to do is turn your SQL algorithm into a BI Web service ready for integration with their Web application... Simple right?

Fear not, this step by step tutorial first shows you how to use the Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse to build all the code and configuration files needed to turn your SQL into an iBatis Data Access Object. Then, we show you how to create a Web service description (WSDL) and XML Schema Definition (XSD) from the iBatis definition, which we can use with the Eclipse Contract First Web service tools to generate all of the Web service code. Finally we illustrate how to quickly wire these elements together so you can have a Web service version of your “Consumer Credit Score” SQL algorithm ready for the Call Center developers without ever leaving your desk.

Note: This was a 2010 Teradata Partners Conference session.

Mike Coutts, CTO Client Software - Teradata Corporation
John Smith, Senior Software Engineer - Teradata Corporation

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Audience: Data Warehouse Administrator, Data Warehouse Application Specialist, Data Warehouse Architect/Designer

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