Data mining is the process of discovering and interpreting (unknown) patterns in data to solve a business problem.

There are several well-known versions of this process, such as CRISP-DM and SAS’ SEMMA. While there are differences among versions, they all agree that data mining includes the tasks of data exploration, data preparation, model development, and model deployment. For data mining practitioners using SAS, these tasks have historically taken place on SAS, outside of the relational database management system(s) from which the data originated. The paradigm for data mining practitioners using SAS with Teradata today is radically different – thanks to the joint SAS/Teradata in-database processing initiative. In this session, Dr. Capobianco will provide a tutorial in the latest SAS/Teradata tools and techniques to perform data exploration, data preparation, and model development and deployment in-database.  SAS' High-Performance Analytics (HPA) product - which performs data preparation and model development incredibly fast on a Teradata appliance - will also be covered.

Key Points

  • The data mining tasks of data exploration, data preparation, model development and deployment can now all be performed in-database
  • The Teradata Data Set Builder for SAS and SAS/ACCESS to Teradata enable data exploration and preparation to occur in-database
  • The SAS Analytics Accelerator for Teradata provides SAS model development capabilities in database
  • The SAS Scoring Accelerator eliminates the need for data movement and manual re-coding when deploying models
  • The SAS High-Performance Analytics product allows data preparation and model development tasks to run in seconds on a dedicated Teradata appliance

Note: This is a 2012 update to Dr. Capobianco's 2009 Partners Conference session.

Presenter: Dr. Frank Capobianco, Advanced Analytics Consultant – Teradata Corporation

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Audience: Data Warehouse Analytical Modelers, Data Warehouse Business Users, Data Warehouse Architect/Designers, Data Warehouse Administrators

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