This book provides information about Teradata Parallel Data Pump (TPump), a data loading utility that helps you maintain (update, delete, insert, and atomic upsert) the data in your Teradata Database. TPump uses standard Teradata SQL to achieve moderate to high data-loading rates. Multiple sessions and multi-statement requests are typically used to increase throughput.

TPump provides an alternative to Teradata MultiLoad for low-volume batch maintenance of large databases under control of a Teradata system. Instead of updating Teradata Databases overnight, or in batches throughout the day, TPump updates information in real time, acquiring data from the client system with low processor utilization. It does this through a continuous feed of data into the data warehouse, rather than through traditional batch updates. Continuous updates result in more accurate, timely data.

Unlike most load utilities, TPump uses row hash locks rather than table level locks. This allows you to run queries while TPump is running. This also means that TPump can be stopped instantly.