This book provides reference information about BTEQ (Basic Teradata Query), a general-purpose, command-based report and load utility tool. BTEQ provides the ability to submit SQL queries to a Teradata Database in interactive and batch user modes, then produce formatted results. BTEQ runs on the client portion of a channel-attached or a network-attached system.

With BTEQ, you can:

  • Establish one or more Teradata Database sessions to submit single- and multi-statement SQL requests using Teradata Mode or ANSI standard transaction semantics.
  • Use Teradata SQL statements to view, add, modify, and delete data.
  • Use formatting commands to produce field-mode columnar reports.
  • Specify operating system commands.
  • Create database objects, such as user-defined functions and stored procedures, that require transfer of source files.
  • Import and export data in binary and text form.
11 Jun 2014

I have TD Express 13.10 for vmware. Where can I locate the personnel sample database script?

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