This article will introduce the new features and UI enhancements that have been added to Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0.
With the exception of a few minor enhancements to support new Teradata Database 15.0 features these changes all relate to the Query window or Query execution.

This article assumes that you are already familiar with the features in SQL Assistant 14.10. If not, you may wish to read the following articles first:

The Query Window

SQL Assistant 15.0 uses a new code editor control to provide the Query window and SQL parsing functionality. This has required changes to the way in which some functions are performed, but has also added additional functionality.

The following changes will be observed:

  • The scroll bars now conform to your chosen appearance settings
  • Outline indicators now appear at the left of the SQL text
  • The background color of the current line may now be different from other lines
  • A narrow yellow bar now appears at the left of any line that you have changed
  • The bookmark symbols have changed
  • Quick-Info tool tips may be displayed when you hover over a built-in function name
  • Suggestion lists are now displayed for additional commands
  • The Find and Replace dialogs have changed
  • The process to Record, Play back, or manage, Keyboard macros has changed
  • Changes during query execution

These changes are described in the following sections.



The query window now supports outlining. This allows you to collapse sections of your query so that you can more easily read the surrounding query.
The following sections can be collapsed:

  • Case clauses
  • Derived Tables
  • Loops and If statements in a procedure body
  • Entire statements
  • Multi-line comments
  • BT/ET and Begin/End blocks


New color settings

SQL Assistant 15.0 allows you to set the colors used for the following items. These are in addition to the colors that could already be set in previous versions of the product.

  • Change indicator bars
  • Current line background
  • Collapsed Text
  • Outline icons/lines
  • Data Types
  • Numeric and String literals are now separate


Quick Info Tips

This feature will display a brief description of a built-in function, including the function template, when you hover the mouse over the function name. By default this feature is not enabled. Switch it on by checking the option on the Code Editor tab of the options dialog.

Insert function template

This feature will insert a template for a function when you double click the function name. It only applies to the new Teradata Table Operators and other 'complex' functions such as XMLTABLE that require specific clauses rather than simply parameter values.
For example, the following:


after you double click the name 'XMLTABLE'.

You can determine whether the 'double click' insert function is available by looking at the information displayed in the Quick-Info tips. If there is a blank line between the function template and the description then the insert function will be available.

Square brackets '[ ]' indicate optional sections in the template.
Curly braces '{ }' indicate that one of the contained items is required.
A vertical bar '|' indicates that only one of the items to its left, or right, is allowed.
Repetition of an item, or phrase, is indicated by 3 dots '...'.

Suggestion lists

A suggestion list of appropriate object types will now be displayed after Create, Drop, Alter, Modify, Show and Help keywords.
In addition, database names will now be displayed after the Database keyword.
(Unless it is a Create Database statement)

The new built-in functions and table operators have also been added to the appropriate dropdown suggestion lists.

Find and Replace

The Find and Replace dialogs have changed.
The dialogs are no longer modal so you can now leave the dialog open while continuing to work on your query.
The following additional options are also available:

  • Search selected text only
  • Search hidden text (The collapsed outline text - default is On)
  • Use wildcards (a simpler alternative to regular expressions)


Keyboard Macros

When you record a keyboard macro the Record button will change to a Stop Recording button. When you click this button to stop recording a dialog will be displayed that asks you to enter a name for the new macro. You should enter a descriptive name that will allow you to remember what this macro does.

When you click the Play Macro button a dialog will display the names of the macros you have created. You then select the macro you wish to run, optionally set the Repeat Count, and click Play.

You can also delete one or more macros by selecting them in the Play Macro dialog and then pressing Delete.

The macros are now stored as files on your computer so you can easily distribute these macros to other SQL Assistant users. The files are stored in the same directory as the syntax, favorites and member list files. The file name uses the description you entered, with a prefix of 'Macro_' and an extension of '.xml'.

Query Execution

When you execute a query only the portion that you are executing will become read only. This will allow you to continue working on other parts of the query without having to copy it to another Query tab.

You can now highlight and submit part of a Query for execution as an Import statement.

The approximate location of syntax errors is now indicated by red wavy lines below the text. These lines will remain until you next submit the query.
Note that syntax error locations are still only available when connected using Teradata.Net.

When the LOB Information dialog is displayed you can now use the Cancel button to return this CLOB column as a string, rather than writting it to a file. This is useful for data types such as ST_Geometry when you know the values are small.
Note that this functionality was available in some recent efixes but it was not obvious since there was no Cancel button.

Other enhancements in 15.0

SQL Assistant now recognizes the new Foreign Server object type and MBB and JSON data types. These are also included in the syntax examples in Favorites and Query Builder.


Here we have described the main enhancements in the latest release of SQL Assistant. I hope this article has made you eager to try the new version which is now available from the download center on T@YS.


KM185041 2 comments Joined 11/10
30 Apr 2014

Hi Mike,
New code editor parsing functionality and other features looks great. While working in the field, i was looking for a feature to compare DDL between two different teradata database systems in SQLA. I know SQLA supports multi-system connection but that would expect user to compare DDLs between 2 systems manually. Is it possible to add a feature to just right click on table in Database Explorer tree and compare from <Another Teradata system>? I get a lot of requests from users to have an easy way of DDL compare rather than doing a textual compare manually.
I think It would be great feature from user acceptability perspective.

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
01 May 2014

We are not currently planning new features for SQL Assistant but I have passed this to the Teradata Studio team. I think they may already have a 'compare' option but I dont know if it applies across systems or just across databases in the same system.
Due to different syntax and options it would have to be limited to the same vendor even if done across systems. (ie. you would not be able to compare Oracle to Teradata to verify that you ported it correctly.)

KM185041 2 comments Joined 11/10
01 May 2014

Thanks Mike for the response and passing it to TD Studio group. I will try and verify in Studio. Basically,I was more interested in comparison across same vendor database like b/w Teradata-Teradata.

Jinesh 2 comments Joined 05/07
09 May 2014

Hi Mike - is this available in tays for download? I cant find it.

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
09 May 2014

The GCA release is not available for download - only on CDs. We will shortly be releasing the first TTU efix however, and that will be available for download. 
As in TTU 14.10 we will release complete TTU packages rather than efixes for individual products so you would download the 15.00.01 suite.

krishunt 1 comment Joined 10/11
27 Jun 2014

Comments in my code are causing issues.  Do you have any recommendations? or are there known bugs due to comments?

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
27 Jun 2014

If the comments are before a CALL statement I have fixed the issue in [not yet available]
If the problem is not related to a CALL statement please send additional details to so that I can investigate it. 
Thanks. Mike.

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
30 Jun 2014

I should also have mentioned a second problem with comments.
If block comments contain asterisks that will confuse the parser so it will probably tell you the query is invalid when you submit it.
That problem is also fixed in SQLA which is scheduled for release as part of the TTU 15.0.2 update package in July.

levinra 5 comments Joined 06/11
15 Jul 2014

It states above that 

  • The scroll bars now conform to your chosen appearance settings

but I can't find how to update my appearance settings, and I cannot see my scrollbars.  What do I need to do?

levinra 5 comments Joined 06/11
15 Jul 2014

While I'm in here, I'd like to mention that I was unable to use "Tools" -> "Change Password" from the menus in SQLA 15.0 to change my password.  It looked like it worked, with no errors, but the password was NOT changed.  The generated statement in my History looked like this:
MODIFY USER "levinra" AS PASSWORD = "[pwd]"
I wound up making the change manually, and that statement in my history looked like this:
MODIFY USER "levinra" AS PASSWORD = "********"

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
16 Jul 2014

The appearance [Application Style] can be set on the General tab of the Options dialog.
Scroll bars will only be available when needed. If the SQL fits completely within the window they will be inactive.
There does appear to be an issue with the Change Password dialog. I will look into it and fix it in the next efix.
Note that is already complete and will be released in the TTU 15.0.2 suite in a couple of weeks, so this problem will be fixed in the following efix.

levinra 5 comments Joined 06/11
16 Jul 2014

Thanks for the info, Mike.  I actually had to change the appearance to DEFAULT, then change it back to Windows 7, and the scroll bars are back now.

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
16 Jul 2014

I assume you must have selected that appearance at some point since the default is Office Blue.
When switching between certain pairs of appearances the settings will not fully take effect until you restart the app. This applies when the old and new appearances do/dont modify the window caption and borders.

bako86 1 comment Joined 11/12
18 Jul 2014

Hi Mike,
Just got the upgrade to 15 today and I've noticed something strange. When in the query window, column mode(shift+alt) seems to not be working anymore. Is it a known issue or am I doing something wrong?

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
18 Jul 2014

There was a problem with block selection [at least using the keyboard] in the initial release.
That was fixed in the release.
(This is part of TTU 15.00.01)
A further fix for block selection while using the mouse is in - which will be in TTU 15.00.02 at the end of July.
This second fix is for a problem where the main menus are left with focus after you release the Alt button [with the mouse]. So if you don't pres ESC you might trigger a menu while typing in the Query window.  

paisano 3 comments Joined 10/04
21 Jul 2014

Hi Mike
is there any way to change the default size of the answer window in SQLA 15.0? I work in cascade mode and the answer window is always small (ca 2 x 3 inches), even on a 22" monitor in full-screen mode. I was unable to find anything in the SQLA documentation or the userOptionsB.config file, so I'm hoping there might be some other way of influencing the size.

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
21 Jul 2014

We don't specifically set a size for the windows when using cascade mode so they default to the original size of the window in our design environment.
2" x 3" sounds very small though. On my system they are 4" x 6.5". (Actually about 600x400 pixels so it may depend on your DPI settings)
(The size has not changed since I first designed the app ... and at that time most screens were only 640x480.)
I'll increase the size to 900x600 in the next efix, but I still don't undestand why they are so small on your system.

paisano 3 comments Joined 10/04
21 Jul 2014

Thank you for the info Mike. My resolution is set at 1366 x 768, so that could be the reason. Changing it to 800 x 600 would not help, since the amount of information would remain the same, only be displayed larger. Either way it means a manual resize for each query. I'll hold tight until the next efix comes out and see what it looks like then.

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
22 Jul 2014

When I thought about it I realized that it would be better to set the default size dynamically in order to avoid problems with window size and DPI.
I will set the size to 80% [linear] of the available MDI client area so if you have a large client area the windows will be large. (64% by area.) 

paisano 3 comments Joined 10/04
23 Jul 2014

Sounds better all the time! Will this make it into the efix for the end of July? Regardless, I've waited this long, so I can wait a bit longer.

levinra 5 comments Joined 06/11
25 Jul 2014

Hi Mike.
I don't know if anyone has officially reported it, but DROP STATISTICS doesn't seem to be working in SQLA 15.0 (14.10 database).  It comes back with "Query is invalid".  Works fine from my SQLA 13.10 to the 14.10 database.

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
26 Jul 2014

I'm on vacation at the moment so I can't check, but I think this one was fixed in, which is in the TTU 15.0.1 suite.
Note that the TTU 15.0.2 suite should be available in about a week or so and that contains SQLA which has some additional fixes.

kashwath 3 comments Joined 10/13
31 Jul 2014

Where do i download TTU 15.0.1 from?

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
01 Aug 2014

OK. the DROP STATISTICS problem was definately fixed in SQLA
The TTU 15.0.1 package can be downloaded from the Teradata Download center on T@YS
You will need an id/password to use that.

kashwath 3 comments Joined 10/13
01 Aug 2014

Thanks. Got it.

elb3l 2 comments Joined 04/11
05 Aug 2014

Hi Mike.
Is Ctrl + D "Comment/Uncomment" shortcut is no longer available? i have tested it on different workstations.

Gyanendra 6 comments Joined 03/11
05 Aug 2014

Hi Mike,
I have downloaded TTU package which says it is version released on 15 May 2014. I would like to report below issues. Please ignore if they are already corrected in newer version.
1. Ctrl + B is not creating bookmark. Also, using Mark All button in find window is not showing any sign for bookmarked lines.
2. Ctrl + D is not available. (Already reported above).
3. NONSEQUENCED or SEQUENCED is not shown as keywords (not highlighted) if they are first world in first line.

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
06 Aug 2014

I will correct the keywords that are not highlighted in SQLA There are many keywords that will not be highlighted if they start in the first character of the Query, but they will be highlighted if you add even a single space character before them.
I was trying to make it highlight only those keywords that are valid at the start of a statement but I dont think that's worth it as it is rather error prone ... as you found out.
Ctrl+/ is now used to comment/uncomment text.
Ctrl+D now clears all bookmarks
Ctrl+B adds/removes a bookmark when I use it.
Mark All also seems to be working fine. 
Note that I tested with (part of TTU 15.00.02) but I don't think I changed anything related to these areas since the 15.0 GCA. 
Two things to check:
1. Make sure 'Display left margin' is checked on the Code Editor tab of Options. (Required for bookmarks)
2. If you have previously customized the shortcuts you will have a Toolbars.config file that may override these shortcuts. You can either delete the file to restore the defaults, or use Tools > Customize to apply/change any shortcuts you want.

Gyanendra 6 comments Joined 03/11
07 Aug 2014

Thanks for your response!


I was not able to see bookmark sign as 'Display left margin' was unchecked.

I have done fresh TTU install on fresh PC so there is no chances of config file from previous install. However, I am still struggling with comment feature. I checked for shortcut list and found nothing was assigned to comment. I gave ctrl+1 (there is no ctrl+/ present in list) shortcut to comment. If I select the text then it will comment highlighted text using /*--*/ but if I do it without it does not do anything. I expect to put -- at beginning of line of cursor if I do not select any text.




MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
07 Aug 2014

Strange. Ctrl+/ should be assigned to Comment/Uncomment by default ... but any shortcut can be set.
SQLA does not use -- comments since those always end at the end of a line while /* */ comments can be inserted within lines.
Line comments are good for programming languages like C# or VB but block comments are better for SQL.
'Comment' converts the selected text to a block comment. (It does nothing if no text is selected)
'Uncomment' uncomments the comment block that the cursor is within.

Gyanendra 6 comments Joined 03/11
07 Aug 2014

Hi Mike,
I agree with you. However, Single line comments were available till 14.00 and sometime they are very handy if you are playing with a query. As SQLA is a query development tool we would like to see that again (it is just my thinking).

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
07 Aug 2014

I was incorrect above when I said that 'comment' did nothing when nothing is selected. It does comment the current line.
(However it still uses block comments - not line comments.)
This was added in the first 15.0 efix.

elb3l 2 comments Joined 04/11
08 Aug 2014

Thanks for your response
What about Ctrl+Tap it used to be, if you hold them down it will give you a list of all code editor, answer sets and history that i can choose from. now it goes in a circle the old behavior was very convenient when you have a lot of answer sets.

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
11 Aug 2014

I assume you mean Ctrl+Tab.
I do vaguely remember seeing a selection list of child windows in the past although I never wrote any code to display such a list so it must have been built into the MDI parent form that I was using.
What version was the 'old' version you are refering to? I looked at the latest 14.10 and 14.01 versions and those work the same way as 15.0.
I think Ctrl+Tab generally moves to the next child window in any MDI application. (Our help file has said that it does that since 13.11. Prior to that we did not document the Ctrl+Tab shortcut.)

If you press Alt+W it wil display the Window menu which also lists all the child menus and allows you to select the one you want. (This is also built-in/standard functionality of MDI windows.) 

levinra 5 comments Joined 06/11
13 Aug 2014



Above, you said that "The TTU 15.0.1 package can be downloaded from the Teradata Download center on T@YS".  I'm still a little new to the download center, but I don't understand what "T@YS" is.  All I know is the download center, where the TTU package still says "Release  -  15 May 2014".


Will this require more than the logon to Developer Exchange?


I'm sure I'll feel silly once you tell me where I'm supposed to go.



MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
13 Aug 2014

T@YS is only available to customers with a support contract.
The Developer Exchange download pages mostly just contain interface products plus the GCA versions of Teradata Express and the TTU packages.
It generally does not get updated with all the TTU or database efixes.

downloads_2014 2 comments Joined 08/14
13 Aug 2014

When will there be a 64-bit version of SQL Assistant available?
I believe (granted it's implemented in C flavours), it should be relatively easy to throw in the related compile switch.

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
14 Aug 2014

SQL assistant uses a number of 3rd party components. Some of those are .Net assemblies that can be 32 or 64 bit, but a couple were 32bit COM components.
Starting in 15.0 I replaced one of those with a .Net assembly but that still leaves one component that is 32bit only.
Without replacing that one component we can not build a 64 bit version. There really isn't any reason to use a 64bit version anyway unless you are working with extremely large Answersets.
Microsoft recommends you use the 32bit version of Office unless you have a very good reason (huge data sets) to use the 64bit version. Probably because the 32bit versions of apps are often faster (and smaller).
(SQLA is actually implemented in VB.Net but the 3rd party components are written in C# and C++.)

downloads_2014 2 comments Joined 08/14
15 Aug 2014

Which TNSNAMES file does SQLA 15.0 use to connect to Oracle?
I tried to change OS parameters (Windows 64-bit) - TNS_ADMIN pointing right at the client's Network\Admin location (Oracle10g), changed ORACLE_HOME, PATH a few times etc, but SQLA keep on telling me it can't resolve the connect identifier.
If I go to "Tools | Define ODBC Data Source" menu, it connects to the System ODBC correctly. Is there a regitry or XML setting to change for this to point to the right location?

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
16 Aug 2014

I think it will be the 32bit version of the Client Network\Admin. I have had problems figuring out what the hell Oracle is doing myself  ... it seems far too complex for simply providing connection information.
Last time I ran into the problem I tracked down every tnsnames file on my system and changed them all. (I think I found 4 - 3 too many in my opinion!)

srjilek 1 comment Joined 06/12
09 Oct 2014

When will this fixed version of SQL assistant be ready?  I am getting the same "invalid query" issue whenever submitting a query that starts with a comment.  It's VERY annoying, and we are WELL past the promised July planed release date.  PLEASE HELP!

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
09 Oct 2014

I assume you are refering to the 'comment' issue where there are *s in the comment. Both issues with comments were fixed in SQLA which was released as part of TTU 15.00.02 on July 29.
Note that TTU 15.00.03 will be released in about 2 weeks and it contains SQLA which has additional fixes. (But none related to comments)

bntringa 1 comment Joined 03/13
17 Nov 2014

Is there any way to turn off the outline indicators in the SQL editor?  While I can see the benefit, I would also like the ability to hide them to reduce clutter in my code window.  Any updates you can provide are appreciated... thanks!
- Brian

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
17 Nov 2014

Sorry, no there is no way to turn off outlining. An oversight on my part.
I will add an option to do that in a future efix.
(Probably 15.10 though)

achikan01 1 comment Joined 06/12
05 Dec 2014

Did any body get below error on sql assistant 15.00
If the “named parameter” you’re attempting to use starts with the letter “B” or “C” it doesn’t work.
Here’s a clearer example:
Prompts correctly for parameter:
select *
where ChildDB = '?A'
Fails to prompt for parameter:

select *


where ChildDB = '?B'
Also, further testing revealed that of the 26 English alphabetic characters, only B,C, & Y cause the problem

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
05 Dec 2014

That is a known issue that was fixed in SQLA
This efix is part of the TTU 15.00.03 suite currently available from the software server via T@YS.

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
09 Dec 2014

I should add a caveat to the response above.
Even with you will not be able to use ?B or ?C as named parameters unless they are enclosed in quotes.
The unquoted values ?B and ?C are always recognized as IMPORT parameters - even if an Import is not in progress.
Words starting with ?B or ?C can now be used, as can '?B' and '?C'.

emilwu 34 comments Joined 12/07
10 Apr 2015

one feature that I particularly do not like since SQL assistant 13 is that queries are checked for syntax before it is submitted to database. It is a feature that makes sense for most cases , however, such syntax check only valid when this tool is used to connect to Teradata. 
One of the power of sql assistant is that it is highly compatible with almost all ODBC drivers. I can use this tool connecting to db2/oracle/sqlserver/impala/hive as long as ODBC driver is avaiable. 
The feature of check syntax before it is submitted to database prevent this tool to be used one some emerging technologies like Hive/Impala. 
Simple use case, consider the following hive query: 
user mydb;
show tables;
it will not work using sql assistant. the query is invalid message shows up in the status window. These simple queries and some DDL constructs are key part of working with these less popular , not quite ansi SQL compliant database engeines. I hope Teradata engineers can consider the suggestion of disable or at least give an option to disable the SQL syntax check from the client side . That will make some of our life much better by not having to switch between tools. 
I think Teradata is promoting its Query Grid technology which makes Teradata a single point of entry for federated RDBMSs. What if there are certain hive constructs/table/view or udfs happens to collide with Teradata keyword ? I have not test this out yet, but I suspect the syntax check int he client side may though such queries out directly. 

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
13 Apr 2015

SQL Assistant is designed to be extensible, and compatable, with virtually any DBMS that has an ODBC driver.
A language file can be provided for any database. This describes such things as the statements that can be submitted.
In the case of Hadoop (Hive) recent versions ( and 15.10) have a hive.lng file that will allow you to submit the statements you described.
[I am assuming that your command "user mydb" was a typo for "use mydb" as I don't think "user" is a valid statement.]
Alternatively you can add the missing keywords 'use' and 'show' to the base.lng file. Just look for the string "TokenKey="MainKeywords"" and add the new keywords to the list of keywords that follows it. This section controls what statements can be executed for an 'unknown' database type.
Refer to Appendix C of the user guide if you want to add support for another database such as Impala. (The main thing you have to do is to add a section to the vendors.config file and then provide a vendor specific language file - which can be based on any of the existing language files; hopefully one that it is similar to.) 

jedteres 3 comments Joined 04/14
17 Apr 2015

Did the tabbing change? I noticed that when I open old .sql files in version 15 all the tabs are messed up.

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
17 Apr 2015

15.0 does use a completely different code editor component but as far as I know tabs are still saved as x'09' so they should work the same in both products.
I ran a quick test saving a query from 14.10 and reading it back in 15.10 and it looked the same.
If you switch on the 'visible whitespace' it will look different though since pre 15.0 it displayed '>>' for a tab while in 15.0 it displays '-->'.

jedteres 3 comments Joined 04/14
20 Apr 2015

Maybe my options settings are the culprit? I noticed that setting the tab size has no effect the actual tab spacing I see. It's all just two character spaces no matter what. I enabled "insert spaces for tabs" and had to delete 5 spaces even though my tab setting was 2. I'm really not sure how this is supposed to work.
Everything I've opened in 15 that I'd saved in 14 looks different, though.
Is there a way to turn off outlining?

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
20 Apr 2015

The 'insert spaces for tabs' will only have an effect on newly typed tabs. It will cause it to add 'n' spaces - where 'n' is some number less than your tab size value, such that the next character is at a multiple of #tabs characters from the start of the line. (It will not add 'n' spaces)
We also have automatic indentation so that a new line might start with additional spaces automatically added at the start before any tabs you might have typed.
Without seeing an example of exactly what is occuring i can't really tell if you are seeing a problem or what it is supposed to do.
For the original issue, if you could send me an example of a 14.10 file and the same file after it has been loaded into 15.0 I can take a look and maybe see what is going on.
Outlining can be turned off in [in TTU suite 15.00.04] - but only by editing the UserOptionsB.config file to add/change the line:
A new user option is added to the Code Editor tab of Options to allow you to switch Outlining on/off in which should be available any time now.

jedteres 3 comments Joined 04/14
20 Apr 2015

Could I email before and after screenshots?

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
20 Apr 2015

Yes that might work.
Email to

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
21 Apr 2015

FYI. The above TAB issue was due to using a variable pitch font instead of a fixed pitch font.

CXA1 1 comment Joined 05/15
21 May 2015

Hi Mike. I have the same TAB issues. How can I change pitch font from variable to fixed?

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
21 May 2015

Just right click in the Query window and click "Set Font...". (or press the context menu key)

mark.terry 1 comment Joined 01/10
29 Oct 2015

I've just upgraded to SQLA 15 and whilst I like the new clean .net style layout compared to the old java one, I can't find how to do some fairly simply stuff that was available in 13.1, the last version I used.
1) How to save / access multiple database connections without the data source explorer tab.
2) How to run only the selected SQL (used to be a right-click option).
3) How to see the results of multiple lines of code when running a script (used to be various output windows, now I just have a single status bar message).
At this point I feel like I've either completely missed something, or I have to go back to v13 (or maybe 14).

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
30 Oct 2015

#1 I don't understand the issue. Saving/accessing multiple connections never had anything to do with the Explorer window.
If you want to be able to connect to multiple systems at the same time then you must check that option on the General tab.
The actual connection information is saved/accessed through the connection dialog which is displayed when you click Connect.
#2 There is an option on the Query tab that must be checked if you want this functionality. 
#3 The results of each statement in a script is displayed in a log window (that temporarily replaces the Query itself) while the query is executing. There is an option on the Query tab that will cause it to ask whether you want to save this Query Log after the query completes.
Otherwise the results of each statement are written to History as before. To view this information you can simply hover over the 'Result' column in the History window. If there were too many statements for this to work well you can double click that History row to display the Edit History dialog where the result messages will be displayed in a scrollable window.

bebr 2 comments Joined 12/11
03 Feb 2016

I just received the SQLA, and am looking for the toggle comment shortcut. The above mentioned Ctrl+/ doesn't work, and according to the "Customize Keyboard" window there is no shortcut specified for the comment command. Ctrl+/ doesn't appear in the list of shortcuts. Customized shortcuts are lost every time I quit the SQLA. Any possibility to get a steady shortcut back?

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
03 Feb 2016

I'm not sure why it is not working for you.
The command subsystem we use only allows you to set certain key combinations. Basically you can choose one or more control keys (Alt,Ctrl,Shift) with any letter, number or function key.
It does not support [or at least it does not save] special characters. 
Because of this I have to manually assign the Ctrl / combination at load time. (plus a couple of others)
That means that if you have set it to something else then it will be overridden back to the usual Ctrl /.
The only thing I can think of is that it got an error during initialization and never reached the line that sets the shortcut. 
Please send the SQLAError.txt file to me - it may contain information about an error. (It should be in \Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Teradata\SQL Assistant)
Another thing you can try would be to delete the Toolbars.config file from that directory ... but it you have customized the menus and toolbars you will lose those customizations.

bebr 2 comments Joined 12/11
04 Feb 2016

Thanks, will pass it to our DBA. Deleting the Toolbars.config didn't help.

zkimble 1 comment Joined 07/14
27 Apr 2016

Hello, I am using SQLA, the highest version distributed to users by our DBAs.
I keep getting errors from block comments containing *. I thought this was fixed in an earlier version of 15. Is there a setting I need to change?

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
27 Apr 2016

Yes the "* in block comments" issue was fixed in but was completed before that efix was released so the fix was not rolled into 15.10 until I'm afraid.
If you can not upgrade to a later version but you have write access to the 'teradata.lng' file (in the execution directory) you could fix the issue by adding a single line to that file.
If you would like to try that, please email and I'll send you the instructions. (The line includes a number of special characters that will probably get corrupted it I try to add it into this html file.)

karl_hughes 2 comments Joined 03/13
29 Apr 2016

I am using SQLA and when I do a "Find and Replace" the cursor stays at the positions of the last characters that were replaced. Earlier SQLA versions would return the cursor to the top of the query.   Can you change "Find and Replace" to return the cursor to the top of the query?  Thanks.

Karl Hughes

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
29 Apr 2016

I assume you are refering to Replace All since it would not make sense to move the cursor if you were replacing items one at a time.
You did not mention which 'previous' version you were using but it appears that it was 14.10 or earlier. Starting in 15.0 we use a new editor that provides additional functionality. As a result I had to re-write all editor functions and it looks like I accidentally changed the behavior.
However the old behavior varied depending on how large the query was in relation to the height of the window. In some cases it would position the cursor after the last string that was changed, but in others it would move it to the start of the line that contained the first occurrance. (It never moved it to the start of the Query unless the search string occurred on the first line.)
I just took a look at other applications (Word, Visual Studio, Notepad, etc.)
The only one that moves the cursor to the top is Notepad. The others move it back to wherever it was before you executed the replace all command. (or at least to the same line since position on line may have changed.)
This makes the most sense ... especially since my goal with SQLA has always been compatability with MS Word, wherever possible ... so I will modify the 15.x versions to do this.

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