This article is to announce the GCA of Teradata OLAP Connector (TOC), Teradata Schema Workbench (TSW) and Teradata OLAP Server (TOS) 15.10 releases. The Teradata OLAP Connector/Server provides additional options for Teradata customers to provide multidimensional database access to their business users.  No additional hardware or infrastructure to purchase or maintain, no need to extract data from the data warehouse and the data access is secured through Teradata Roles and Profiles.

These products can be deployed where users leverage different BI tools in support of different business requirements.  While they may leverage different tools, the BI tools can be deployed using the same Multi-Dimensional Model built on Teradata.  In leveraging the same multidimensional model, all investments in optimization and performance are shared across the entire set of BI tools. This ensures overall lower Total Cost of Ownership.


New General Product Features

  • Teradata Database and TTU 15.10 Support
  • Support for the ‘BETWEEN” join clause often used in support of analysis and reporting for Type 2 slow changing dimensions (with or without surrogate keys) where new rows are written to the dimension table containing new dimension values.  For example, a product price change during a promotional period results in a new row added to the dimension table including the promotional price along with the start and end date for the promotional period.  Adding support for the between join, which can be expressed using <= and >= operators, allows efficient Fact table analysis against these dimensional changes. The join condition from TDAT_Fact_Trans table to TDAT_Supplier table is defined as:

  • Expand Drill Through access to every column from the source fact table and every dimension table column for expanded business reporting (prior version was limited to Fact table columns associated with measures defined for a cube or caption columns of the lowest level of the default hierarchy for each dimension).  Additional column access might be the day of week dimension column needed for analyzing and reporting date information which was not part of the date hierarchy.

  • Excel cache handling – provide limited cache handling within Excel for improved drill-down and drill-up performance reducing the number of queries sent to the database.  The cache is established in memory with no backing store to disk and is enabled and optimized through registry settings.

  • Users can now specify a display folder for calculated measures.  This improves the ability to organize measures into groups rather than to be presented in one large list.

In addition, several MDX Performance improvements were delivered as part of on-going 15.00 maintenance releases. These all rolled forward to the 15.10 GCA release. The improvements apply to the following MDX Functions AddCalcualtedMembers, AllMembers, Descendants, Union, BottomCount, Except, Extract, Intersect, Levels, Order, Generate (Tableau-specific syntax), CurrentMember (Tableau-specific syntax). These improvements further optimize the pushdown capabilities in the product providing users a more interactive experience with these MDX Functions.

Teradata OLAP Connector Support

  • Support for Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 and Tableau 9
  • Client Side Operating support includes Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, Microsoft Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012 R2

Teradata OLAP Server Support

  • Support for SAP Business Objects Analysis for OLAP 4.1 (SP05) minimum and Datawatch Desktop 12.4
  • XMLA service hosted on Tomcat 7 or JBoss 7  on Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012 R2

The latest 15.10 release is available for customer order/upgrade and can be downloaded from the patch server.









blackrooster 1 comment Joined 02/14
13 Oct 2015

I am interested in the possibilities of Teradata OLAP Connector. Is this available for download at TAYS?

mh151012 10 comments Joined 10/12
13 Oct 2015

Teradata OLAP Connector is not available for download on T@YS.  For customers, the software can be obtain working through your account Teradata account team.  Like other software, a loaner agreement is required.
Best Regards,


18 Mar 2016

Hi All,
We are upgarding our applicance from teradata 14 to 15 , I need to list of the befints of upgrade - Teradata V2R14 vs Teradata V2R15.

mh151012 10 comments Joined 10/12
18 Mar 2016

This location should be used for questions concern Teradata OLAP Portfolio.  For specific questions regarding Teradata Database releases, please refer to the Database section in DevEx

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