This article will describe a few simple features of Teradata SQL Assistant that can help you to create an eye-catching report or email.


Copy as HTML

When working with the Answerset or History windows the Copy menu will copy the highlighted data as Tab Delimited text.

If you paste this into an email, or other document, it will generally result in data values that lose their column alignment.

You will also lose the alternating background colors and any other formatting you may have applied.

If you want to keep the formatting, and the appearance of a table, simply use Copy as HTML instead.

Note that this will only work if the application you are pasting the data into expects HTML text to be available in the clipboard.
Both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook expect HTML text to be available.


In version 14.01 of SQL Assistant we added simple but powerful charting capability to the application.

If you wish to chart a contiguous block of cells you can simply:

  • highlight the block of cells
  • right click, and then click Chart ...
  • click OK, after optionally changing the required chart type

In this case the first column selected will be used for the X-Axis labels and the remaining columns will form the data series.

If the columns you wish to chart are not contiguous then:

  • right click, and then click Chart ...
  • optionally change the required chart type
  • Enter the From and To row numbers to be charted
  • select the column to be used for the X-Axis labels
  • select the columns that provide the data values to chart [use Ctrl+click to select multiples]
  • optionally enter chart or axis titles, and click OK

You may change the chart type, or any other property, by right clicking on the displayed chart and then clicking Modify.

You may also change the angle of rotation or elevation in order to highlight some aspect of the chart. This can be done either through the context menu or by using Ctrl + the arrow keys.

You may also use Ctrl + or Ctrl - to zoom in/out on a portion of the chart.

To copy the chart to a document, or email, simply use the Copy menu, or Ctrl+C.

Formatting data in the Answerset grid

The Format Cells ... menu can be used to change the appearance of individual cells, rows, columns, or blocks of cells. Simply highlight the cells that you wish to format, right click, and then click Format Cells ....

This will display a dialog that allows you to change:

  • the Foreground and Background colors used in the cells
  • the Font, Font size, Bold or Italic attributes
  • the number of decimals, use of 000's separators, and format [for numeric cells only]


Here we have described a few ideas that will help you to use SQL Assistant to create more informative documents and emails.


lgv092 1 comment Joined 11/12
13 Feb 2013

Hi Mike, really like the new function and tips from SQL assistant 14.01. Is this new version available to download on Teradata website? The only one I found is 13.01 as part of the TTU bundle. Many thanks. - James

MikeDempsey 94 comments Joined 10/06
15 Feb 2013

The latest package ( can be downloaded from the Teradata Software Server (TSS).
You will need to login to TAYS in order to download.

17 May 2013

"Copy as HTML" really saving my time, did not know about this option.
Thanks for the post

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