Teradata Studio 14.01 is now available for download. Teradata Studio is an administration tool for creating and administering database objects. It can be run on multiple operating system platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. It is built on top of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) which allows Teradata Studio Express to benefit from the many high quality Eclipse features available while focusing on value-add for the Teradata Database.

What's New:

  • Create Databases (Schemas), Users, Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, and User Defined Types
  • Modify and drop databases and users
  • Administer Roles and Profiles
  • Grant and Revoke access and system rights
  • Manage Privileges on database object
  • Copy Table, View, Stored Procedure, Macro, or User Defined Type definitions to another database, or another database system
  • Drop or Rename Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Macros, or User Defined Functions
  • Move space from one database to another
  • Find objects in the Data Source Explorer

For more information on using Teradata Studio, refer to the article, Teradata Studio.

je171000 2 comments Joined 05/11
07 Nov 2012

Hi, I have a customer who wants to test out the smart loader functionality in Teradata Studio. I believe that this was scheduled to be released in December 2012. Do you have any insight as to the planned released date for Smart loader functionality?
Also, will the Smart loader functionality require the Data Lab Viewpoint portlets to be purchased?
many thanks

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
07 Nov 2012

Teradata Studio 14.02 is now targeted for January. 14.02 includes the Smart Load functionality and, yes, Smart Load is provided only on the Data Lab viewer.

je171000 2 comments Joined 05/11
09 Nov 2012

Thanks very much. Much appreciated.

bs520147 12 comments Joined 04/12
23 Jan 2013

Hi, Is Teradata Studio 14.02 with the Smart Load functionality already available? Thanks

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
23 Jan 2013

No. we are targeting end of January.

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