Teradata Studio Express 14.10.01 is now available for download. Teradata Studio Express is an information discovery tool for retrieving and displaying data from your Teradata Database systems. It can be run on multiple operating system platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. It is built on top of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) which allows Teradata Studio Express to benefit from the many high quality Eclipse features available while focusing on value-add for the Teradata Database.

What's New:

  • Aster JDBC Driver version 5.11

Teradata Studio Express 14.10.01 has embedded the Aster JDBC Driver version 5.11.

  • Sample Content performs SQL SAMPLE or Aster LIMIT command

The Sample Content table menu option will perform a SQL SAMPLE in Teradata or LIMIT in Aster for the given table. It will use the Sample Content Size preference (default of 100) for the given sample or limit size. A size of 0 indicates that you don't want to perform the SAMPLE or LIMIT and all rows are returned. The Sample Content Size preference can be found on the Teradata SQL Handling Preference page, under the Common tab.

NOTE: The SAMPLE option is not supported on LOB columns. Change the Sample Content Size to 0 to disable the SAMPLE option on tables with LOB column types.

  • Aster Load Tables and Views Performance Improvement

A performance improvement was made so that loading the list of tables and views for schemas in Aster is now much faster.

  • Teradata Result Set Processing Improvement

Previously, processing Teradata result sets would attempt to get the row count of the result set, which for very large result sets could cause a long delay. This has been improved to bypass that operation and go straight to cycling through the result set rows.

Need Help?

For more information on using Teradata Studio Express, refer to the article, Teradata Studio Express. To ask questions or discuss issues, refer to the Teradata Studio Forum and post your question.

Online Help can be accessed within the plug-in in two ways:

  • From the main menu: Help > Help Contents > Teradata Studio Express
  • Context sensitive help: When a user is in a dialog, they can hit the F1 key to retrieve help text sensitive to where they are within the dialog.

Reference Documentation can be found on the download page or at: www.info.teradata.com

  • Title: Teradata Studio, Studio Express, and Plug-in for Eclipse Release Definition Publication ID: B035-2040-073C
  • Title: Teradata Studio, Studio Express, and Plug-in for Eclipse Installation Guide Publication ID: B035-2037-073K


srsaran 6 comments Joined 07/12
26 Aug 2014

Unable to install Studio. Same error "Unable to find the Jave runtime environment". Have updated the path, the path shows correct, but the installer can not see the jave JRE.

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
26 Aug 2014

Saran, Which OS version are you trying to install? If Windows or Linux, are you installing 32-bit or 64-bit?

srsaran 6 comments Joined 07/12
24 Sep 2014

I uninstalled all the JRE from my machine which runs Windows 7. Installed JRE 1.7.0 32 bit and tried to install Studio express. The installer can not seem to see the JRE path. I tried 32 bit, 64 bit some where around 10 times. Same results. Now, my .Net data provider stopped working. When I try to install it, I am getting the error "Error opening installation log file. Very that the specified log file location exists and is writable."
What log file ? What location ? Where it is trying to write ? I have no clue..

srsaran 6 comments Joined 07/12
24 Sep 2014

I got the old JRE 1.6 and tried it. Same problem. Now, I lost the .Net data provider and could not install Studio express. I was trying to install the .Net data provider 15.0.

srsaran 6 comments Joined 07/12
24 Sep 2014

Machine : Dell Latidude
OS : Windows 7
Java version 1.7.0_67
Ms Grimmer, was able to install .Net data provider for 12. While trying to install for 13 and 14, I am getting the following error " Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specified log file location exists and it is writable".

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
25 Sep 2014

Saran, just to be clear, Studio Express does not use the .Net driver. Can you open a Dos window and run the java -version command? Does it return the JRE you installed?

srsaran 6 comments Joined 07/12
25 Sep 2014

Sorry about the confusion. Java -version brings back the version I am trying to use. Our .Net application uses the .Net data provider and I lost that while trying to install and uninstall the java versions. Now, I have 2 issues. Following is the detailed email, I created for support.
I am working in the AMS Sustaining team and have issues installing the Teradata .Net provider. I talked to Joe Carlisle and he referred your name.
I was working on  a ticket which involves a Teradata database. I needed Teradata Studio Express and started installing it. In that process, I installed Java JRE 1.6, 1.7.0_67 etc. The installation package shows the JRE path and when I click next it is prompting me “32 bit Java runtime 1.6 or above is required. Please provide the required JRE path”. This happens in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. I have tried everything possible and could not install the package.
If I run setup.exe file in the installation brings me this screen.
Running the msi file in the installation package, I get to this point
While trying to install the Studio, I lost the .Net data providers. They stopped working and then I started installing them. The installation package starts and prompts
I click OK and save it in my local disk and then I get this error.
And the installation ends.
I cannot continue my investigation now, because I lost the .Net data provider and could not connect to the Teradata database from my application. I have been trying to install this and spent almost 12 hours on it.
Your input on this will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.,
I lost the screen shots while pasting.

srsaran 6 comments Joined 07/12
25 Sep 2014

The installer is trying to write some information to the following folder C:\Users\<user login>\AppData\Local\Downloaded Installations and there is a weird permission issue on this folder. So, I went Control panel ->System and Security->System and from the left side panel, select Advanced Settings. Clicked the "Environment Variables" button and from the top panel changed the values of the variables "Temp" and "Tmp" to my local disk folder c:\temp.
After changing this everything worked perfect. Hope this helps somebody and save them 20 hours of their life.

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