Teradata Studio Express 14.02 is now available for download. Teradata Studio Express is an information discovery tool for retrieving and displaying data from your Teradata Database systems. It can be run on multiple operating system platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. It is built on top of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) which allows Teradata Studio Express to benefit from the many high quality Eclipse features available while focusing on value-add for the Teradata Database.

What's New:

  • Aster Database Support

Support is provided for Teradata’s Aster Database. Users can create connections for an Aster Database using the Aster Connection Profile Wizard. The Data Source Explorer will display Aster Databases, Schemas, Tables, Views, and Map Reduce Functions. SQL Templates are provided to help users create Aster SQL commands. SQL statements can be executed against an Aster Database, with result set data displayed in the Result Set Viewer and history entries stored in the Teradata SQL History. The Teradata View also supports the display of more detailed information about Aster Database objects.

  • Data Lab Support (Smart Load, Copy Table)

Teradata Data Lab provides the DBA the flexibility to provision space within the data warehouse. Teradata Studio provides an option for Data Lab customers to easily load data from an Excel or CSV file (Smart Load) as well as copy tables from their Teradata system into their Data Lab. Tables can be dragged from the Data Source Explorer and dropped in the Data Lab View, invoking the Data Lab Copy Table wizard. The Copy Table wizard will copy the table in addition to the table data to the Data Lab. A filtering option is provided to filter out unwanted columns or certain data within the columns. The Smart Load option is provided by selecting the Tables folder within the Data Lab.

  • Excel 2007 (.xlsx) Support

Support for Excel 2007 (.xlsx) has been added when exporting table data or result set data to Excel. Previously, only Excel 97-2003 was supported. This allows users to export over 65,536 rows of data to an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Quick Tour Help Option

When bringing up Teradata Studio Express for the first time, a Quick Tour slide show is presented to help the user familiarize themselves with the basic features of Teradata Studio Express.

  • Result Set Viewer Performance Improvement

Performance improvements have been made to the Result Set Viewer to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to display the result set data.

  • Teradata Load and Extract

Teradata Load and Export provides an enhanced load and export feature to quickly load or export the data to and from tables within the Data Source Explorer. The Teradata Load feature will use criteria such as number of rows, column types, and existing table data to determine whether the Teradata JDBC FastLoad option will be used, otherwise JDBC batch operations are performed. Teradata Load and Export support both Excel 97-2003 .xls and Excel 2007 .xlsx file formats.

Filtering has been added to the Teradata Export wizard. The user can choose to filter out certain columns, as well as filter out certain data within a column.

  • Upgrade Eclipse 3.7.2 and DTP 1.10.1

This release of Teradata Studio Express has upgraded its version of Eclipse to version 3.7.2 and its version of Eclipse Data Tools Platform to 1.10.1.

Need Help?

For more information on using Teradata Studio Express, refer to the article, Teradata Studio Express. To ask questions or discuss issues, refer to the Teradata Studio Forum and post your question.

Online Help can be accessed within the plug-in in two ways:

  • From the main menu: Help > Help Contents > Teradata Studio Express
  • Context sensitive help: When a user is in a dialog, they can hit the F1 key to retrieve help text sensitive to where they are within the dialog.

Reference Documentation can be found on the download page or at: www.info.teradata.com

  • Title: Teradata Studio Express Release Definition  Publication ID: B035-2036-122C


sagarsisodia 1 comment Joined 12/11
12 Mar 2013

I installed Teradata Express 14 and Teradata Studio Express on Windows 7 32bits machine. Teradata DB working fine but I am facing problem with Studio Express.
No screen pops-up when I double click Terdata Studio Express. I check all the folders in my working directory but still not able to figure out the problem.
Please advice the solution.

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
13 Mar 2013

Please verify that you downloaded the 32-bit Windows version of Teradata Studio Express and running the 32-bit JVM. There is possibly a configuration log in the install location /configuration directory, if an error occurred trying to launch Studio Express.  The Studio Express error log is in your workspace directory, in .metadata/Teradata/teradata.log. 

sarang_rk 6 comments Joined 04/13
24 Apr 2013

Hi I have installed Teradata express studio to learn practicles on the same. But I am not able to connect database with studio express, I am not able to see employee table and department table.  Do I need to create the database from scratch or I get sample database installed with the studio express. Please let me as soon as possible, I am trying to connect since last 3-4 days without any success.

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
25 Apr 2013

@sarang_rk, Just to clarify, Tereadata Express is a sample database provided on the Download site (http://downloads.teradata.com/download/database/teradata-express/vmware), that runs in a VMWare or EC2 environment. Teradata Studio Express is our client product that connects from your desktop to your Teradata Database (Teradata Express). These are two separate products and two separate downloads. Teradata Express has some sample data loaded. Studio Express does not provide database tables.
Using Teradata Studio Express, you can enter DDL statements, to create databases and tables, in the SQL Editor. You will need to first connection to your Teradata Database.

asridhar7 2 comments Joined 04/13
04 Jun 2013

i downloaded Teradata studio Express and installed on my PC. when i try to connect, i get the 'Ping Failed' Error. What could be the reason for this error?

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
04 Jun 2013

@asridhar7, The ping tries to establish a connection with the Teradata Server. Click the Details button to see the details of the exception. There are many reasons why your ping could have failed.

asridhar7 2 comments Joined 04/13
05 Jun 2013

i was able to connect now, once i gave the Database details. Thanks for your help.

neckers 8 comments Joined 01/12
05 Aug 2013

I'm running Studio Express in OSX, and I'm wondering if there is some hidden option that would allow me to copy column headers with the result set to the clipboard for pasting into other text editors/Excel.
That's one feature from SQL Assistant that I'm missing after my switch to OSX.
Many thanks!

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
05 Aug 2013

@neckers, We have added this capability (Result Set Viewer preference to include Column Headers) in our upcoming release of Studio Express 14.10. We are in final testing of this release and hope to have it available on Developer Exchange download very soon.

neckers 8 comments Joined 01/12
06 Aug 2013

Excellent.  Many thanks!  Looking forward to it.

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
16 Aug 2013

@neckers, Teradata Studio Express 14.10 is now available on the DevX Download link.

neckers 8 comments Joined 01/12
21 Aug 2013

I don't see a 14.10 thread, so I'm sorry to have to ask this here:
In SQL Assistant, you add databases manually to the tree on the left.  This makes for a very clean interface.  With TSE, I'd gotten used to having to scroll through the various extra objects to get to the database I'm looking for.  It was inconvenient, but not hugely cumbersome.
In 14.10, the database tree is completely foreign.  I've got a new icon that looks like a miniature spreadsheet next to my database (EDW) and all of the child databases (EDW_R, EDW_S, EDW_T etc) off of that, but the EDW database seems to be a child of SYSDBA which is a child of the Databases (folder icon) of the EDW (blue cylinder icon).
So I guess, first of all, is there some documentation on what these icons represent?
Secondly, is the database heirarchy being represented correctly in the Data Source Explorer (as it seems to have changed from 14.1 to 14.10.
Thirdly, is there a way to only have the objects I want displayed in the DSE?  I tried right-clicking on the Databases Folder and selecting filter, and selecting from the Selection window checking the objects I want to display, but instead of seeing those objects under the Databases [Filtered] folder as I'd expect, all I'm getting is one database called SYSUDTLIB. 
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
21 Aug 2013

@neckers, There is a 14.10 announcement article (http://developer.teradata.com/tools/articles/teradata-studio-express-14-10-now-available) as well you can open a topic in the Teradata Studio Forum.
Yes, there is a difference in how database are displayed in the DSE. We have added the hierarchy display that was greatly requested by customers. You can switch back to the flat database display through a Preference. Go to Window>Preferences>Teradata Datatools Preferences>Data Source Explorer Load Preferences> uncheck Show Databases and Users in Hierarchical Display.
The icons are all the same in the Data Source Explorer. We don't have a chart but will look into adding one as a reference.
There are also new DSE Load options (preference page mentioned above), such as load only databases and DBC, or load only databases and users with perm space. But filter is another way to limit the databases and users displayed in the DSE.
You may have filtered out the parent database and thus the child is not visible. SYSUDT is always included with database filters becuase of UDT that may be used when viewing columns. Can you switch to the flat view and see if your database is visible?

neckers 8 comments Joined 01/12
22 Aug 2013

My appologies.  I looked, but apparently didn't look hard enough.  I'll redirect further queries to the new page.
Many thanks.  Your suggestions have proven very effective.  I can now see my databases without having to go through as many gestures.
I appreciate your time and response.
Keep up the good work!  :)

sarang_rk 6 comments Joined 04/13
06 Oct 2013

I am from mainframe background, and I wish to learn Teradata development, and want to practise SQL and load utilities like Fastload and multiload. Can you tell which product to download who can provide me some hands on these. Please let me know the product which comes with database for practice. Please pardon me for posting the same query again.

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
07 Oct 2013

You will need to download Teradata Express if you do not have a Teradata system to test with. You can then download Teradata Studio Express to connect to your Teradata Express and run ad-hoc queries. You can search on DevX for articles to help you with database questions. Have fun.

sarang_rk 6 comments Joined 04/13
08 Oct 2013

I have installed teradata studio express and teradata express also, but I am confused as to how to connect teradata express with studio express. Also I have installed VMware palyer so that I can run teradata express on it. After completing the installation, when I tried to start the same, VMware is asking me login id and password. 
I guess I am not following correct way of working on all three components i.e Teradata Express studio, Teradata Express and VMware player.
Please suggest .

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
08 Oct 2013

Once Teradata Express is up, you can try to connect from Studio. Refer to the articles on using Studio and creating a connection to Teradata. If you are running Studio from outside Teradata Express you will need the IP address of the running VM. For assistance with Teradata Express, post to Cloud Computing Forum.

sofasay 1 comment Joined 11/14
27 Nov 2014

when I first time trying to logon with bteq, I got this error message:



Also, "pdestate -a" shows bellow

TDExpress14.0.3_Sles10:/opt/teradata # pdestate -a

PDE state is RUN/READY.

DBS state is 0/-1: DBS is not running


Can anyone help me?


fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
28 Nov 2014

Yaha, please post on Database Forum for response.

raj786 1 comment Joined 04/14
17 Oct 2015

can anyone guide me and send me the link how to install Teradata software in my local PC.
i new to TD and i want to practice TD query and BTeq Script.
i have windows 7 64bit.
appreciate your help

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
18 Oct 2015

Raj, It depends on what you are trying to install. If it is Teradata Express, post  your question to the General Forum or Extensibility Forum. If it is Studio Express, then refer to the Readme on the download page or Installation Guild that is also on the download page.

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