Teradata Studio 15.00 is now available for download. Teradata Studio is an administration tool for creating and administering database objects. It can be run on multiple operating system platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. It is built on top of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) which allows Teradata Studio to benefit from the many high quality Eclipse features available while focusing on value-add for the Teradata Database.


What's New:

  • New Studio UI Perspectives

A perspective is a visual container for a set of views, menus, toolbars, and actions.  Each perspective provides a set of functionality aimed at accomplishing a specific type of task or works with specific types of resources. Teradata Studio 15.00 includes three new perspectives: Query Development, Administrator, and Data Transfer. The Query Developement perspective focuses on SQL query developement tasks. The Administrator perspective focuses on database development and administrative tasks for Teradata Databases, Aster Databases, and Hadoop systems. The Data Transfer perspective provides support for transferring data and objects in Teradata and Aster Databases, and Hadoop systems.

  • Aster 6.0 Support

Added support for the Aster 6.0 Database and embedded the Aster 6.0 JDBC Driver.

  • Aster Smart Loader, Table Load and Export Wizards

Smart Loader, Table Load and Table Export Wizards now support the Aster Database. Users can invoke the load and export wizards from the Data Source Explorer or the new Data Transfer Wizard.

  • Aster Table Editor

The Teradata Studio Table Editor has added support for Aster tables. Users can invoke the Table Editor by selecting the table in the Data Source Explorer and choosing the Data>Edit Data option. The Table Editor supports paging and filtering of data for large tables.

  • Teradata 15.00 Support

Added support for the Teradata 15.00 Database. This includes support for the 15.00 Teradata grammar in content assist, as well as support for JSON data types. Teradata Studio 15.00 has also embedded the Teradata 15.00 JDBC Driver.

  • Aster Drop Action

Support for dropping of Aster objects has been added to the menu and toolbar actions.

  • Hadoop Enhancements

Hadoop connections have been added to the list of Connection Profile Types and are now displayed in the Data Source Explorer, as well as Hadoop object details are displayed in the Object Viewer.

  • Data Transfer Wizard

Teradata Studio 15.00 has added a Data Transfer Wizard that provides a single dialog for transfering data between Teradata, Aster, Hadoop, and the external file system. Users can use the Data Transfer Wizard to invoke the Smart Loader on Teradata or Aster Databases, load or export table data for Teradata or Aster Databases, and Copy table objects and data between Teradata Databases or Teradata and Hadoop.

  • New Teradata Compare Object Wizard

A new Compare Object wizard is provided to compare a Teradata object with another like object in the same or a different Teradata Database. The DDL for the objects is displayed side by side in the Compare Editor with the differences highlighted. Toolbar buttons are provided to allow the user to move from one difference to another.

  • New Teradata Copy Object Wizard

The new Copy Object Wizard allows users to copy Teradata  Database objects from one Teradata system to another. The Copy Object Wizard is invoked by dragging one or more objects from the Data Source Explorer to the Transfer View or via the Data Transfer Wizard. The Copy Object Wizard provides filtering of columns and data when copying table objects.

  • SQL Editor Enhancements

The SQL Editor has been enhanced to provide an Auto-commit toggle, Commit and Rollback toolbar options. This enhancement allows the user to manually manage the "commit" operation on their SQL statements. By default, the Auto-commit option is on. The user can toggle Auto-commit off and manually commit or rollback SQL statements to the database.

Another SQL Editor enhancement is the ability to link a SQL Editor window to a Result Set Viewer window. This allows the user to better manage multiple SQL Editors and Result Set Viewers.

  • Disk Cache

Allows large objects, such as CLOBS, BLOBS, JSON, or large text data types to be cached on disk for Export, Load, and Editing.

Need Help?

For more information on using Teradata Studio, refer to the article, Teradata Studio. To ask questions or discuss issues, refer to the Teradata Studio Forum and post your question.

Online Help can be accessed within Teradata Studio:

  • From the main menu: Help > Help Contents > Teradata Studio
  • Context sensitive help: When a user is in a dialog, they can hit the F1 key to retrieve help text sensitive to where they are within the dialog.
  • Also, the Quick Tour provides a quick overview of Teradata Studio features. Go to Help > Welcome.

Reference Documentation can be found on the download page or at: www.info.teradata.com

  • Title: Teradata Studio, Studio Express, and Plug-in for Eclipse Release Definition Publication ID: B035-2040-014C
  • Title: Teradata Studio, Studio Express, and Plug-in for Eclipse Installation Guide Publication ID: B035-2037-014K
amunozd 2 comments Joined 05/13
09 Jun 2014

I client of terada in Sunat- Lima-Peru. I need dowload teradata studio but i don´t find the link. Please send me this link? Thank´s
Edwin Muñoz

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
09 Jun 2014

Edwin, The download is on the Developer Exchange Download page (Downloads Link at the upper right toolbar, then choose Teradata Studio from the table):http://downloads.teradata.com/download/tools/teradata-studio.
You can also download from the Teradata Patch Server.

amunozd 2 comments Joined 05/13
09 Jun 2014

Thank so much!!!

geethareddy 145 comments Joined 10/11
18 Jun 2014

I downloaded the studio recentversion (From http://downloads.teradata.com/download/tools/teradata-studio), and installed by using .exe file. I am on Windows 7 and DBMS 13.10. When i searched for the Teradata Studio from start menu OR desktop, i cannot see it. Am I missing anything here? 



fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
18 Jun 2014

Geethareddy, Teradata Studio is installed in the Program Files(x86) or Program Files directory (depending on whether you installed the 32-bit or 64-bit version). Then /Teradata/Client/15.00. There is also an option to create a shortcut and/or add Studio to the Start Menu.

geethareddy 145 comments Joined 10/11
19 Jun 2014

Thank you. That worked. 
One more question, being DBA I feel TD Studio help better than TD Studio Express. Can you share your thoughts?
And on suggesting this tool to others (AppDBAs, Developers and Leads,etc), is there any downside of having too many TD studio connections on the DBMS?


fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
19 Jun 2014

Geeta, Yes, Teradata Studio is intended to be more of an administration tool than Teradata Studio Express. They are based on the same code set, but Studio has added administration features. Here is an article that compares the feature list between the two products: http://developer.teradata.com/tools/articles/teradata-studio-products-choosing-the-right-client-tool.
There is a limit to how many sessions you can have on the DBMS. From Studio perspective, we create 2 connections for your connection profile for internal use within Studio, such as gathering metadata from the Data Dictionary. We also create a connection pool to be used by the SQL Editor when executing SQL statements.

Hossie 1 comment Joined 07/14
07 Jul 2014

trying to install the Teradata Studio for Mac, i have already installe the JRE and JDK verison 1.8 but why it still asking me to install Java 1.6? 

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
08 Jul 2014

Dennis, The Teradata Studio Mac OSX install requires Apple JRE 1.6.

csfyrakis 2 comments Joined 01/15
04 Feb 2015

I need to downgrade to version 14 in linux. I have version 15. How can i do that?

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
04 Feb 2015

Charis, Studio 14.00 release is no longer available. Why do you need to downgrade?

csfyrakis 2 comments Joined 01/15
10 Feb 2015

Hi, I actually am working on a mac and it seems that the v15 ODBC driver on a mac has some issues

Error Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-11-47edeefab474> in <module>()
----> 1 pyodbc.connect('DRIVER={Teradata};SERVER=Server_is_fine;UID=Uid_is_fine;PWD=SuperStrongPassword')

Error: ('00000', '[00000] [iODBC][Driver Manager]dlopen(/Library/Application Support/teradata/client/ODBC/lib/tdata.dylib, 6): Library not loaded: libtdparse.dylib\n Referenced from: /Library/Application Support/teradata/client/ODBC/lib/tdata.dylib\n Reason: image not found (0) (SQLDriverConnect)')
After googling the results (https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Library+not+loaded%3A+libtdparse.dylib&oq=Library+not+loaded%3A+libtdparse.dylib&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i59.301j0j7&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=91&ie=UTF-8) its seems like that we need to downgrade to v14. Is that correct?

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
10 Feb 2015

Charis, Studio does not support ODBC. It only supports JDBC connections.

24 Mar 2015

I'm also getting the "Error creating SQL Model Connection connection", as reported earlier in TS v14.0 with one exception - I can actually successfully connect to the server (DB2, in my case), and then I'm getting the Model error message.
I can successfully ping the server from the JDBC Connection Properties "Test Connection".
What would be the typical reason for this? - I'm assuming you're trapping this error in a catch block.
Using the same JDBC driver directly from straight Java code doesn't yield any errors. I can only see it in TStudio.

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
25 Mar 2015

@access_granter_2014, If you press the Details button, is there more exceptions shown? It could be that the workspace is corrupted. Can you close Studio and rename your workspace and start again to see if that resolves the issue?

25 Mar 2015

I don't have workspaces in my TStudio, only projects. This is a fresh 64-bit installation.
I deleted the Connection Profile, removed all database connections, restarted the Studio, created a new Profile.
For the new Database Connection, here's the full error text in detail window:
Could not connect to New Generic JDBC.
Error creating SQL Model Connection connection to New Generic JDBC. (Error: null)
It does show as "connected" in the database connections tree, though, until I disconnect.
Is there a doc for connectivity specifically to DB2 from the Studio?
This is how I successfully connect from Java
Connection conn1 = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:db2://$server:$port/$database", "$UID", "$PWD");
Statement stmt1 = conn1.createStatement();
String sid = null;

ResultSet rs = stmt1.executeQuery("SELECT current date FROM sysibm.sysdummy1");
if (rs.next()) sid = rs.getString(1);

// this connects and returns results

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
26 Mar 2015

@access_granted, Your workspace is always created. By default it is in your <USER> directory. It looks like from the exception that you used Generic JDBC as the Connection Type in the profile. Can you choose a DB2 connection type instead of Generic JDBC?

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