Teradata’s latest and greatest Eclipse offering has been released and is available in the Teradata Developer Exchange download section (Teradata Eclipse_13.02.00). The 13.02.00 release builds on the 13.01.00 offering by boasting increased functionality.

What's New:

  • Support for DTP 1.7.2
  • Support for Eclipse 3.5.2 (Eclipse Ganymede 3.4.2 also supported)
  • Advanced authentication to allow for LDAP and Kerberos logon options
  • Option to save the user's logon password
  • Improved JDBC Properties user interface
  • FastExport and FastLoad of table data
  • FastCopy of table data when copying table objects
  • Parameterized queries that allow for named parameters within your SQL query
  • SQL Ant Build Wizard
  • SQL Templates: SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, and many more
  • Table UDF Wizard and Multi-page editor
  • Aggregate UDF Wizard and Multi-page editor
  • Drag and drop object names from the Data Source Explorer into the SQL Editor

Need Help?

If you are new to the Eclipse world, there is an article to help you get up and running. Please refer to Getting Started with Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse.

Online Help can be accessed within the plug-in in two ways:

  • From the main menu: Help > Help Contents > Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse
  • Context sensitive help: When a user is in a dialog, they can hit the F1 key to retrieve help text sensitive to where they are within the dialog.

Reference Documentation can be found at: www.info.teradata.com

  • Title: Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse Release Definition  Publication ID: B035-2035-050C
  • Title: Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse Installation Guide  Publication ID: B035-2037-050A