Teradata OLAP Connector (TOC), Schema Workbench (TSW) and Aggregate Designer (TAD) 14.00 Maintenance releases have now been posted for download.  In addition to several key fixes, this maintenance release includes a new TOC feature that allows function, method, and operator calculations to be applied in the underlying Teradata Database rather than on the client system. These calculations are known as pushdown calculations.

The Pushdown system is an evaluation method that allows the entire dataset returned by an MDX query to be evaluated all at once, instead of the traditional Cell-by-Cell (Context) evaluation.

The Functions, Methods, and Operators will fall under two categories: those that are eligible for Pushdown on their own, and those that are only eligible for Pushdown when found under another function eligible for Pushdown. Currently all of the operators eligible for Pushdown fall under the former category, and all of the methods eligible for Pushdown fall under the latter category.


The functions and operators listed below are eligible for Pushdown and can be the calculated measure expression's outermost function, as they return values. These functions include:

  • Arithmetic operations: +, -, *, /, abs
  • Comparison operations: >, <, =, >=, <=
  • Simple Aggregate functions: SUM, AVG, MAX, MIN, COUNT,DISTINCTCOUNT
  • IIF


The functions and methods listed below are also eligible for Pushdown; however, since these functions and methods do not return Values, they are only eligible for Pushdown when found as parameters of other functions eligible for Pushdown. The functions and methods eligible for Pushdown only when specified as parameters to other functions eligible for Pushdown include:

  • Descendants
  • Filter
  • PeriodsToDate
  • YTD
  • QTD
  • MTD
  • WTD
  • ParallelPeriod
  • OpeningPeriod
  • ClosingPeriod
  • CurrentMember
  • PrevMember
  • Level

For more information on pushdown, follow the link below

osvaldo 1 comment Joined 08/12
17 Oct 2013

Where can I find TOC, TSW and TAD for download? I'm working in a POC and need to integrate with Tableau 8.0.5

mh151012 10 comments Joined 10/12
18 Oct 2013

Typically the only requirement on our part before downloading the TOC/TSW/TAD software is taking the implementation training.  The course numbers are

  • Teradata Aggregate Designer 14.0 Implementation (#50205)
  • Teradata OLAP Connector 14.0 Implementation (#50206)

When Complete send me an email.  More details for TOC/TSW/TAD are available through the link below including access to demo data.

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