Teradata SQL Assistant Java Edition release 13.0 is available for download. It provides an information discovery tool for retrieving and displaying data from Teradata Database systems. It can be run on multiple operating system platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. It is built in top of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) which allows SQL Assistant Java Edition to benefit from the many high quality Eclipse features available while focusing on value-add for the Teradata Database.

Key features include:

  • Modular Display that allows you to move panels around, creating a custom look and feel.
  • Data Source Explorer for viewing database objects such as schemas, tables, macros, stored procedures, views, indexes, etc.
  • Connection Profile Wizard for creating connections using the Teradata JDBC Driver.
  • SQL Scratchpad/SQL Editor to create, modify, and execute SQL statements.
  • Result Set Viewer that creates a historical record of submitted SQL queries.
  • Ability to save and export result sets to various formats, such as XML, HTML, CSV, and Excel.
  • Data wizard to extract and load data to and from a file on the desktop.

For more information on using Teradata SQL Assistant Java Edition, refer to the article, SQL Assistant Java Edition.

GALPGR 10 comments Joined 08/09
19 Dec 2009


The SQL Assistant Java Edition is cool :-) Congratulations !

Some questions:

- Why databases are not organized as Parent and Child in the Data Source Explorer?
- The schema concept is new? (What is schema? Same concept of database schema as
Oracle, SQL Server...)
- In the future it will include other features?
Example: Features of Teradata Administrator, Teradata Manager...
- The future trend is to make a unique tool like IBM Data Studio ?


fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
21 Dec 2009

The Data Source Explorer uses the Eclipse DTP SQL model to display database objects, which is presented flat. The Teradata View will present the database parent/child relationships.

Also the DTP SQL model refers to databases as schemas.

We are working on enhancing SQLA JE, adding functionality to match Teradata Administrator as well as enhancements that exists in our Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse, such as dialogs and wizards to help users create, drop, or rename database objects, and perform other database operations.

GALPGR 10 comments Joined 08/09
21 Dec 2009

Thanks for your response fgrimmer!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

a1_singhal 7 comments Joined 01/10
07 Jan 2010

I have installed teradata for VMware Player along with Vmplayer version 3.0 on my window 7 -64 bit. I want to work with teradata sql assistant and that too i have installed but i'm not able to make connection with database. I have add a cop entry in Host file localhost dbc dbccop1 DemoTDATcop1 but still it is not working. Even i'm not getting anything while using the URL : Please help me.

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
07 Jan 2010

Can you verify that your Teradata VMware database is up by running a bteq logon command? Are you running SQLA JE from the VMware image or outside?

a1_singhal 7 comments Joined 01/10
08 Jan 2010

Thanks Fgrimmer.
I'm running SQLAJE outside - i mean i installed it outside in C: directory of my system. pls tell me the commands so that i can verify again that db is started or not. Please help with cop entry in host file also.

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
08 Jan 2010

Since you are running SQLA JE from outside the VM, I believe you need to find the IP address of the VM for the remote connection to Teradata from SQLA JE. From looking at an earlier discussion in Cloud Computing, James posted regarding setting up the networking option.

"when installing VMware and installing/starting TD Express ("NAT" is its default for the network adaptor I notice - keep this setting). In your host OS (Windows for me) go to your "VMware Infrastructure Web Access" web page where your TD Express machine is marked as running. Click the Summary tab. In the Status box on the right you will see "Power State, Guest OS, Virtual Hardware Version, blah, IP" or some such IP address. This is the IP address you need when you create an ODBC datasource in your host OS. No port number or anything else is required - just accept the defaults."

But for SQLA JE we use JDBC instead of ODBC, so this IP address would be used in your Host file.
Can you try this and let me know?

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
08 Jan 2010

To verify that your database is running, you can try to logon using bteq.
On your VMWare machine,
- bring up the Teradata Command window and enter
- > bteq
- > .logon
- > password? dbc

If successful then Teradata is up. If it is not up or you want to restart, enter
tpareset f
to force a reset.

Another option to find the IP address of your VMWare is to run the Linux command ifconfig (/sbin/ifconfig) inside your VMWare machine.

Then bring up SQLA JE on your Windows 7 system and from the Data Source Explorer, create a new connection. You can use the IP address directly or create an entry in your host file for the IP address.

I hope that is helpful.

a1_singhal 7 comments Joined 01/10
09 Jan 2010

Thanks Fgrimmer. It starts working. Really appreciate your help.
Thanks a lot.

sunny999 2 comments Joined 08/09
17 Feb 2010

How do i change the properties of the default result set viewer? I am interested in changing the font size etc for the displayed SQL results.

sunny999 2 comments Joined 08/09
19 Feb 2010

BTW the above question is for the Mac OS X CLient. What I see is that the result set is displayed in a very small font size and I am unable to find a way to change this.

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
19 Feb 2010

Not from within SQLA JE. There may be an option for Mac OS appearance that I am not aware of.

a1_singhal 7 comments Joined 01/10
11 Jul 2010

Hi fgrimmer ,
I'm using SQLA JE and trying to create procedure but getting this error :
[Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 5526] [SQLState HY000] Stored Procedure is not created/replaced due to error(s).
Please help.

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
12 Jul 2010

According to the Teradata Database Messages document, Error 5526 means that "The SPL text of the stored procedure contains compilation errors (and possibly warnings also)." The remedy is to correct the SPL text and resubmit the request.

a1_singhal 7 comments Joined 01/10
13 Jul 2010

I'm using SQL JE 13.0.. Should i require C Compiler to execute "Create Procedure Command"? and how to link it with teradata database(VMware server).
How i can use 'no SPL' with my create procedure DDL.

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
14 Jul 2010

No. you should be able to run the CREATE PROCEDURE command with SQL. Check to make sure your SQL is correct. Fully qualify any table references if needed. If you can, test the SQL outside the procedure first.
To link with VMWare server, it depends if you are running SQLA JE from inside the VMWare or outside. If running outside, you need to find the IP address of the VMWare server and use that for your connection profile.

paulchase 2 comments Joined 11/10
15 Dec 2010

How can I connect from another client machine to the Teradata guest running on VMplayer. What IP do I use? If I use the host IP, it doesn't forward to the guest Linux system running Teradata. Any suggestions would be great!

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
15 Dec 2010

My understanding is that the VMWare image running on your desktop is in its own private network within your desktop. You can access it from applications running on your desktop (and outside the VMWare image), such as SQLA JE, but not from applications running on another client machine.

paulchase 2 comments Joined 11/10
16 Dec 2010

I was afraid that's the answer, might try working with the "Bridge" network connection, but that is problematic given our environment. Thanks for the comment!

svilenss 3 comments Joined 01/11
28 Jan 2011

Hi, the tool is pretty nice. I have to questions
1. How I can use "diagnostic helpstats ON FOR SESSION "?
2. How can I copy a single cell from the result list?

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
28 Jan 2011

First make sure you are running our latest version of SQLA JE, version 13.10. Refer to the Download link for SQL Assistant Java Edition 13.10. This version contains an enhanced Result Set Viewer that allows you to select and copy individual cells from the result set data. You should also be able to run the DIAGNOSTIC HELPSTATS command in the SQL Editor.

hermitsk 3 comments Joined 02/11
11 Feb 2011

i have the same problem. why doesnt this simple procedure work:

CREATE PROCEDURE utvikling.lala (in test_var INTEGER)
INSERT INTO Employee (emp_number) VALUES (test_var);

hermitsk 3 comments Joined 02/11
11 Feb 2011

i am connected on my laptop with Teradata SQL Assistant to a vmware server - it works fine to write SQL etc (and i have all priviligies) but it is not possible to write stored procedures ( i get the 5526 error message...)

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
11 Feb 2011

Here is the explanation for the 5526 error code:
Explanation: The SPL text of the stored procedure contains compilation errors (and possibly warnings also).
Generated By: Parser (SPL Compiler).
For Whom: End User
Remedy: Correct the SPL text and resubmit the

I don't know whether your connection is set up with a default database, but if not, you should qualify the Employee table with a database name. (For example utvikling.Employee)

hermitsk 3 comments Joined 02/11
14 Feb 2011

Hi Francine,
Thanks, but we are still struggeling. It does not seem possible to create a simple stored procedure - we have tried SQL assistant from two different laptops and two different versions of teradata (12.x and 13.10) .

Let me try to explain

I have created a user called "utvikling" which uses the database "dbc".
When logged in as "utvikling" I have run

"grant all on dbc to utvikling" ---> work fine: "Grant completed".

create table utvikling.test_table (testfield integer); ---> work fine!

INSERT INTO utvikling.test_table (testfield) VALUES (8); ---> work fine!

CREATE PROCEDURE test_procedure ()
INSERT INTO utvikling.test_table (testfield) VALUES (8);

-- do not work (get the error 5526 as explained earlier)

When trying to grant "create procedure" specifically to the utvikling-user i get:
"grant CREATE PROCEDURE on dbc to utvikling" I also get an error message:
3524: The user does not have create procedure with grant option access to database dbc.

This seems strange to me, when it allready shall have all the priviligies.
I have also tried to run the "grant Create procedure" syntax from the dbc user, with the same error.

Have also tried to put the schema-name in front of the procedure

"CREATE PROCEDURE utvikling.test_procedure ()
INSERT INTO utvikling.test_table (testfield) VALUES (8);

But get the same 5526 error.
Do you see anything wrong with my simple procedure, or what could it be?

fgrimmer 660 comments Joined 04/09
14 Feb 2011

Getting privileges set up correctly can be confusing. It is my understanding that you need to first GRANT CREATE PROCEDURE privilege on utvikling to DBC. Then GRANT CREATE PROCEDURE privilege on utvikling to utvikling. But you will need to log on as DBC to grant those privileges. Then you should be able to run the create procedure.

Just a side note, if you find that you need to run more database administrator type operations such as creating the database objects or granting privileges, there is a Teradata Plugin for Eclipse download that provides dialogs and wizards to create the objects. It also provides a dialog to help with Privileges, displaying, granting and revoking. You will need to download Eclipse and then install the Teradata Plugin. Here is a link to get you started: http://developer.teradata.com/tools/articles/getting-started-with-teradata-plug-in-for-eclipse

kostek 4 comments Joined 11/09
03 Aug 2011

Is it possible to change default result handling from TERADATA RESULT SET to ordinary SQL Results ?

GarethKirk 1 comment Joined 10/11
24 Mar 2012

Just to mention I agree.. when created Stored procedures I got the error :

Executed as Single statement. Failed [5526 : HY000] Stored Procedure is not created/replaced due to error(s).{Nested Failure Msg [5526 : HY000] SPL1027:E(L61), Missing/Invalid SQL statement'E(3737):Name requires more than 30 bytes in LATIN internal form.'.}{Nested Failure Msg [5526 : HY000] SPL2001:E(L61), Undefined symbol 'Update Failed - record has bee'.}
Elapsed time = 00:00:00.044


The reason for this is that I had use double quotes instead of single quotes on one of my Set statements.

Suggestion, coment out from the simplest create and slowly add your code back in one step at a time.

Hope this helps.

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