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As my handle suggests I am a mainframer, relatively new to Teradata. I'm trying to help out my Teradata team members setup some mainframe based ETL processes. I've done enough reading to figure out that I should be using TPT (TBUILD) with FastLoad INMOD option, as I need to cleanse the data prior to handing it over to Producer operator. I've wrote a COBOL program that reads the file and performs cleansing, in addition to that I have a JCL that runs TBUILD program which runs the TPT script. I am currently running into couple of issues and would like your suggestions and advice to proceed.

On z/OS, the ODBC operator can be used to extract data from DB2.  The purpose of this article is to demystify the use of the ODBC operator in conjunction with DB2 on IBM’s z/OS operating system.