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Am looking for some insights on setting appropriate CPU Skew Exceptions using Workload Designer.  Current VP version 15.11, Teradata 15.0.

This session provides an overview and demonstration of the TASM portlets and TASM feature functionalities, focusing primarily on the new features introduced in Teradata 14.0 SLES 10 and SLES 11.

Workload Designer has been updated to make it easier to understand and configure how resources are assigned to workloads. TASM 14.0 onwards SLES 11 uses a new method of workload resource allocation that is intended to simplify the process conceptually and procedurally. This post describes the new workload resource allocation user interfaces and how they can be used to perform some basic resource allocation.


Teradata Active System Management (TASM) is a powerful tool available to you that gives you unprecedented control over your Teradata system. Teradata 14.0 SLES 11 introduces Teradata Integrated Workload Management (TIWM), which, for the first time, provides workload management capabilities to customers without full TASM licensing.

Hello Masters,
How can I unlock or delete TASM Ruleset from "Local/Working" area in "Workload Designer", which is locked by other user? I tried it using "admin" user in Viewpoint but don't see any option to do it.

Do I need to look into some other place under "Admin" or am I missing any privileges?
Thank you,
Shrinivas Sagare

Teradata's Workload Management offerings have drastically changed over the past few years.  Further, not only has the functionality changed, but the product delivery mechanisms have changed as well.  This blog entry will focus on these delivery mechanisms, and how they have changed.