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Hi ,

I would like to concatenate a column data (multi rows) into one string inside a Stored Procedure.

I’ve succeeded getting what I want using CTE (with recursive) but I can’t use it in my SP.


Is there a way to use CTE within a Stored Procedure?

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I have a data set in oracle (img1 in attachment)








Hi Guys,
i'm using 'With Recursive' to fetch required result set, i need to insert this result set into another table. Please let me know how we can do this.
I tried below syntax, but it's not working, 
with recursive <recursive_name>
(select column list)
select * from seed table

Hi All i'm having problems writing a recursive query and i ran out of options that i can think of .
The query should join serial numbers in one cell coma delimited to a specific order number .
Sample . Service_table

I'm having difficulty figuring out how to get the desired results using WITH RECURSIVE in the query below:

I have a recursive query that begins with the text "WITH RECURSIVE".

The query works fine. When I try to use the exact query within a view, while creating the view I receive an error that says "REPLACE VIEW Failed 6926: definitions, views, triggers or stored procedures". I simply prefix the query with this text: REPLACE VIEW DB.VIEW_NAME AS LOCKING ROW FOR ACCESS and I get the error.

I can successfullly get the recursive view created if I use this text instead: REPLACE RECURSIVE VIEW DB.VIEW_NAME, and if I also remove the syntax "WITH RECURSIVE".