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Hi all,
I have some problem about the query which finds the data between 2013-12-31 and today
I took invalid timestamp error.
The query I used looks like this:
select * from table1 where the_date between '2013-12-31' and current_time
Please help me!

I am new to Teradata SQL; I have a database containing 10 million records(rows) of revenue, each with a unique ID. I need to query 3 million records out of it, in which I do have the IDs of these 3 million records. the direct and slowest way would be:
select ID, revenue
from My_Table

Hi, I have a doubt when coding ON and WHERE clause for Joins (Inner Vs Outer).


I think, for an Inner Join its does not make a difference whether we apply the condition with ON cluase or WHERE cluase.


Please refer the 2 queries belows-


sel customer_id,customer_name,order_amount

Hi All,
    Is there anyway to improve the performance(Reducing the CPU consumed is the main aim for now) of queries involving like in the where clause.

I'm trying to parametrize a stored procedure, which takes one input string parameter and use it in the where clause in dynamic cursor.
The following snippet works with one parameter but when the list is like "US,GE", then it fails..

Hello everyone,

  I have SQL question, about how does having a filter condition like (say) prod_cat = 7980 in the following two conditions will be treated

1. In a where clause of multiple joins

    something like a inner join b

                               on [join cond]