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Hi, We have a view (below is the ddl) (view name is a) REPLACE VIEW test.a  AS LOCK ROW FOR ACCESS  SELECT * FROM test.b;   and below is the ddl fro table b (from where view is created)   CREATE MULTISET VOLATILE TABLE test.b,NO FALLBACK ,      CHECKSUM = DEFAULT,
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Error While Creating Volatile inside query in Spark While Using Teradata JDBC
I am encountering issues when I try to submit queries while doing "CREATE VOLATILE TABLE" using the Teradata JDBC driver class. I have tried the solution described within: http://forums.teradata.com/forum/database/jdbc-unable-to-create-a-volatile-table-using-a-java-client but adding a commit statement didn't work for me.
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Stored Procedure doesn't recognize volatile table
I’m trying to do a test stored procedure on using volatile tables.  This is what I have:  CREATE PROCEDURE "DLPMC_PMCOE_DEV_LAB"."test_sp" ()                 DYNAMIC RESULT SETS 1BEGIN  
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Volatile Tables in Macros
I am writing a long macro that needed to stage data in several tables before loading into final table.
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diff between volatile and GTT table with ON PRESERVE COMMIT statement
Hi, I am a newbie in Teradata and trying to know the basic concepts. I was able to understand the basic difference between Volatile table and GTT Volatile table - exists only during the session and table structure and row contents deletes after the session
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Identifying GTT or volatile tables created during a session
How can I identify what are the GTT or volatile tables created during a session?
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Volatile table vs views.
Hi, Can some one please tell me, between Volatile table and view, which is better in terms of efficiency, accessbility and use? What is the difference between them?? Also, can I create a volatile table with same name but using different user ID?
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Using FastLoad for Volatile Table
I'm Trying to load data from a file into a volatile table. Following my FastLoad Job Script:
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Re:Volatile Tables In Stored_Procedure...
Hello Every one, I have come across a problem in td_Stored Proc volatile tables, Is  it volatile table  not allowed order by clause? If it is, when i run the entire stored procedure and need to sort the results and here what is the soultions not alllowing of order by clause   ~gopal
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