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I have found that when I create a volatile table with say 200million rows where the primary index is explicitely stated and matches the first column in the table, I use much more spool space than if I just let Teradata defined the primary index.   Should, you define a primary index on a volatile table if the index is only on the first column in the temp t

what could be the reasson for data deletion after  "Multiple rows updated" error automatically ?

As volatile table definition does not go into DD, how Indexes and stats works on volatile table?

Hi All,
Please explain about volatile table ,derived tables and globa temp table ?

Hi All
I want to understand if there will be a difference in performace or on any front between
Any inputs will be of a great help. I am dealing with huge fact tables and many volatile tables to be created in a stored procedure.

Is there a way to tweak ODBC/Stata to work with volatile tables in Linux?
Stata (a statistics package) allows SQL statements to be issued directly to ODBC data source. I believe SAS has similar pass-thorugh functionality. There's some description of this here: http://www.stata.com/help.cgi?odbc


 I am trying tofind if any one used session-specific volatile or temp tables from Data stage - (TD connector stage) on Teradata ?

I was told by my ETL folks  given the parallel nature of DataStage in that it opens many independent Teradata sessions and hence we cannot use volatile tables ! Did nay one used this ?