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Can anyone please explain difference between Common Table Expression(CTE)Tables and Volatile tables in which scenario they perform better.
As we can create & drop volatile tables as part of our SQL, where exactly CTE will perform better while compare to Volatile tables?
Thank You.

Before I begin, I would like to mention that I have already searched all related topics and couldn't find an answer.



I am connected in SQL Assistant, and run a SP who believes, this SP uses a volatile table. I need to know how to remove the TV from the SP. Without having to disconnect from the session.


When you create a VOLATILE TABLE what location is it created in? I know it is a temp table that is gone when the session ends.

The following SQL will give me the SQL that was used to create the table:
Show table myVolatileTableName;

In which scenarios we use Volatile tables and Global
temporary Tables in Real time?

We are using the PooledConnections using V13 versions of the JDBC driver and have noticed that the volatile tables seem to stay even when we call the close method on the connection.

TeraConnectionPoolDataSource dataSource = new TeraConnectionPoolDataSource();
.. do connection
PooledConnection pc = dataSource.getPooledConnection();
Connection conn= pc.getConnection();
Statetment st= conn.createStatement();
st.execute( Create volatile table);
.. execute somemore inserts and selects
conn.close(); // AT ths point the volatile table should go away.

But if we do

I have SQL that needs to run some preprocessing creating a volatile table to be exported to a file. If I use a setup step TPT is using a different session for each step and the volatile table goes away. Anyone have a work around?