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Open second instance of the VMware Player
Hello,   after recieving much appreciated help regarding the Aster Express startup guide, I already have a follow-up question. The guide states: 14 To get the Worker virtual machine up and running, open another instance of the VMware Player
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New Teradata Express 14.10 Versions Available
Teradata is announcing new Teradata Express 14.10 images. These new images are at patch level which represents the current shipping version of Teradata 14.10. This gives you access to the recently released Teradata 14.10 database for your test and development needs. Important
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How do I access a VMWare hosted Teradata Express from a local TD Mapping Manager
  I am running Teradata Express 14 running on a vmware hosted Suse Linux operating system. Thus I have the following layers: Windows 7 64bit VMWare Player Suse Linux Teradata Express  
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Teradata Express, VMWare and Windows 8
Dear all I have just attempted to install VMWare Player on Windows 8 professional and it rudely declines because Windows 8 pro comes with Windows Hyper Visor.  
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