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I was using the TDE 14 - 4G successfully but could not load my data due to free space.
Now I’m trying to work with TDE 14 – 40G but I can’t connect to the VM from my host.
No eth0 IP address was set on the VM – so I tried configuring my own IP and succeeded to ping the VM.

Hi, I am new to teradata learning, I have download vm Express edition for testing purpose, but this is a very limited in performance, i want to test a machine have a little bit big data, ALL i have to face that, when ever i run a query especially with aggregation, i takes lots of mins to perform the resul


A number of places on the website and forum refer to a demo VM for Aster Express 6.0 but I can only find the link[1] for downloading 5.10.
Is there a 6.0 test VM for Aster Express?
[1]: http://www.asterdata.com/download_aster_express/

In non-VM Teradata we used to have the 'Teradata Dynamic Workload Manager' setup in the 'Teradata Tools and Utilities' media.
The Teradata VM for Linux consists of a prepackaged Teradata installation where I could not find TDWM nor any way to configure/install it. Any idea on how to proceed?
FYI: We are using Teradata 13 VM 40Gb

I have a script that logs out existing users with AbortSessions() before dropping them and it runs fine on our 2690 but not on my VM version of Teradata (v14.00)

I get the following errors from bteq:

*** Failure 7506 The library for UDF/XSP/UDM SYSLIB.AbortSessions could not be found


Hi All,

I have the 1TB version of TD13 running on a MacBook VMWare Fusion workstation and everything is working / starting fine. Being a newbie to the native TD toolset,
how do I create new DBs and assign space without the graphical UI like TD Admin (on Windows). As I'm in the MAC OS X as VM host I do not have access to any windows
client. I understood that I should be able to do this using BTEQ, alone the whole library doesn't reference any termin / native BTEQ syntax.