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Teradata Visual Explain Crashed
Hi, Teradata Visual Explain crashes saying "Teradata Visual Explain Encountered a problem ....". This happened for a complex query (24 steps, which is displayed on SQL Assistant in 657 lines). The plan for a simple query, e.g. "select * from dbc.dbcinfo" was generated without any problems.
visual explain crash
Explaining the EXPLAIN
A topic that is essential for all SQL programmers and database designers. This session examines the mysteries of the English text that appears when an EXPLAIN is requested.
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Automatic visual explain
Has anyone developed a way or know the option to use with Visual Explain to automatically generate an explain plan and save it to an output file for future reference.  I need to allow someone without permissions for the actual query to review the explain plan for cerain high priority queries without manual intervention by somebody with permissions to gene
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