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Data temperature, a metaphor for frequency of access, is used by Teradata Virtual Storage (TVS) to automatically move data throughout the spectrum of storage media (e.g. from HDD to SSD) based on performance needs. Teradata believes that every organization possesses a wide range of value in the data they use for analytics. Consequently, we are pursuing a strategy to match the cost of storage to the value of data in the organization – using all classes of storage simultaneously (in-memory, SSD, performance disk, capacity disk, and archives).

Teradata SQL Assistant Java Edition release 13.0 is available for download. It provides an information discovery tool for retrieving and displaying data from Teradata Database systems.  Some organizations may have this application published via Citrix XenApp (formerly Presentation Server) and with a few adjustments this application will load a little faster and hopefully keep end users from hitting the launch icon in citrix numerous times.