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Is there a Viewpoint portlet that displays the equivalent of ctl screen version:  Running PDE, DBS, Gateway versions, etc.? 
Thank you!

I am looking for a way to setup a sessions alert when a PJI threshold is exceeded.  Are there plans to include the PJI metric as part of a sessions alert?  Is there another way to setup such an alert?    Thanks! 



I am getting an error while accessing Workload Designer portlet


"You are not authorized to view rulesets on any system"


All the access related to portlet are given.

When trying to start Workload Designer (as Admin, viewpoint 14.00) I got the message:
"You are not authorized to viewrulesets on any system."
- view rulesets and edit rulesets for Workload Desinger are checked for Admin (in Permissions).

Teradata Viewpoint 14.01 introduces a wider, more flexible layout, which better utilizes space on wide screen monitors, and gives the user more flexibility in controlling how much information is being displayed.


The following tutorial is a guide on how to implement the Viewpoint DataGrid and BigNumbers Widget.  In this example we will show how these widgets were incorporated into the SkewedSessions Portlet.  The actual source code can be found in the SkewedSessions Portlet supplied in PDK version 14.01.


A portlet developed for Viewpoint 14.0 will, for the most part, work correctly on Viewpoint 14.01. The most impactful change to consider will be to make your portlet support horizontal resizing, and to make any code changes to use the latest versions of jQuery and jQuery UI included with Viewpoint 14.01.


The Teradata Viewpoint User Guide provides information about how to use Teradata Viewpoint and associated portlets. This user guide is essentially the content found in the Teradata Viewpoint on-line help offered in PDF format.

The Teradata Data Lab User Guide explains the concept of lab groups and data labs providing in-depth explanations of the product functionality.  

Note that Data Lab installation instructions are included in the associated Viewpoint version installation / configuration guide.

The Teradata Viewpoint Installation, Configuration and Upgrade Guide for Customers is intended for Teradata Customer Services, Teradata Professional Services, and Customers for configuring and upgrading Teradata Viewpoint. This guide covers all aspects of installing, configuring, and enabling the Teradata Viewpoint solution.

With increased workload complexity, it is common for a system to run in full capacity. There is always a need to find resource consuming sessions and bad running queries. The intention of this article is to discuss a few ways to identify resource consuming sessions or bad running queries using Teradata Viewpoint.

This article is the official release announcement for Teradata Data Lab 14.01 (the second product release) with an effective release date of October 12th, 2012. As a reminder, Data Lab provides automation, management, and governance for sandboxing within a Teradata production system.

This article is the official release announcement for Teradata Viewpoint/CAM 14.01 with an effective release date of October 12th, 2012. There are some great new features, in particular enhancements for usability, supportability, administration, and extensions to monitoring capabilities.

I am trying to setup Viewpoint to capture locks. However, I get the following error as a ! within a red triangle.
Unable to get lock information from dumplocklog utility! [Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 3190] [SQLState 42000] Access to utility dumplocklogb denied.



This might be very basic question but I have to ask as I am unable to configure Viewpoint :(

I am trying to setup Viepoint, the server is already installed.


The Teradata Multi-System Manager (TMSM) product monitors and controls hardware components, processes, and data loads.  Ever wonder who is monitoring the monitor? The Internal Monitor should not be confused with the external fail over monitor, the fail over monitor is responsible for monitoring the TMSM Master.

This article would be useful to anyone attempting to better understand the TMSM Internal Monitor.

Query Groups are great for allowing BI Tool admins to monitor tool specific sessions that are currently active and rewind to go back in time. However, Query Spotlight is a great tool to spotlight sessions that may have been TASM aborted because of excessive Spool or CPU consumption.

This article introduces jQuery.on and jQuery.off as the preferred methods for binding events in jQuery 1.7+.


This article will exam function currying in JavaScript and introduce currying via native binding.

Well not exactly printf(), but still pretty darn cool. I consider myself a decent JavaScript programmer with a fair amount of debugger knowledge. However, I stumbled across an interesting bit of new (to me) information last night. Maybe everybody else is already hip to this.

This blog discusses tips, tricks, and use cases for Teradata Viewpoint's "Rewind" feature. Hopefully this blog will give you some new ideas on more efficient navigation and different ways of utilizing rewind that you may have overlooked in the past.  

This is the final installment of a four part series on modularizing the Backbone.js Todos application using Require.js. It examines porting the application to the Pokki platform. 

After recent upgrade to TD13.10 with viewpoint V13.11.00.04-b59, we have noticed the delay queue users getting released out of order where as they should have been getting release on first come first serve basis.

This blog entry provides a brief introduction to underscore.js mixins.

Hi, we have just upgraded our Teradata system from 13.0 to 13.10 and installed Viewpoint for the first time, running version 14.0.

We are on Viewpoint 13.12 and I have a couple of questions about Alerts.

1)  Is there a way to export our current alerts to a file?  I don't need a list of possible alerts; I need a file of OUR alerts we have set up. Not sure if there's a way to do this.



I notice in Viewpoint that the GG replication loading into our Teradata Production system has persistent connections in the "Responding" status.  Do they consume an AWT?

Thanks for the insight.



We notice in Viewpoint that our Mload jobs are assigned session IDs for each thread, but only 1 of the sessions has a workload associated with it.   Does that mean that the entire Mload (multi-threaded) is only using 1 AWT?

Thanks for the insight.


This article is a continuation of Part 2: Backbone.js + Require.js, Further Modularization and Just in Time Dependency Loading. It describes how to use a cache manifest to improve just in time dependency loading performance. It also provides a cache priming alternative in the event that the user’s browser does not support a cache manifest, i.e. IE.

Would like to know if filters are a good way to dis-allow logon connections to database for selected groups  and/or profiles?  I suspect sessions already connected to database will not be filtered?  Is this correct?

Looking to use filters to control access to database while performing updates or runing batch processing.


Where can I find blocking information in the database?  I noticed that in Viewpoint 13.11, blocks are displayed during re-wind.  Where is the data retained that provides that information?  It is my understanding that the locking logger has to be turned on every day.  That's not a good option. 


Is there an IDE that can be used to develop portlets for Viewpoint?  Ideally one that will allow full interactive debugging rather than just a coding environment.  I've installed the portlet PDK stuff and that's working fine (depsite looking like a fairly hairy installation process!), and I've got a VMWare TD 13.10 image I'm going to try and configure wit

Interested in the new Teradata Data Lab product release but left wondering how it may apply to your Teradata environment? Are you one of those "seeing is believing" people? Here we present a series of screencasts demonstrating the capabiltiies of the Teradata Data Lab portlets for various users in the Teradata environment. 

Is there anyway to alter how Viewpoint displays the queryband in the queryband tab in Query Monitor?  Prior to upgrading to VP 14.0, we were able to see the full queryband, but now it gets chopped off and I can't see the information that I'm looking for, I've attached a picture of what I'm talking about:



This article describes how Database Administrators can use Teradata Active System Management (TASM) to manage queries that execute against tables in Teradata Data Labs. This allows analysts to obtain the information they need without negatively impacting production applications.

Although this article focuses on TASM management, the general workload management guidelines can apply to other Teradata platform workload management strategies, not only ones running TASM.

This article is a continuation of Part 1: Backbone.js + Require.js. It outlines further modularizing the Todos application presented in part 1 and introduces “just in time” module loading. 

Teradata's Workload Management offerings have drastically changed over the past few years.  Further, not only has the functionality changed, but the product delivery mechanisms have changed as well.  This blog entry will focus on these delivery mechanisms, and how they have changed.

The Viewpoint Portal allows the user to configure their Viewpoint User Profile to display dates in the correct format for any locale and any timezone that is desired. This user profile information is stored on the Viewpoint Server so that all dates can be formatted appropriately either on the server side or on the client side.

Teradata is very pleased to announce the official release of the new product offering called Teradata Data Lab. At this same time, Teradata is releasing the new Teradata Viewpoint 14.00 version. These are two separate offerings just released in the same timeframe as a matter of convenience.

This article provides a brief introduction to JavaScript AMD and MVC technologies. It then details a working example of modularizing the Backbone.js 101 tutorial, “Todos” by Jérôme Gravel-Niquet, using Require.js. The article assumes basic familiarity with the aforementioned libraries, concepts, and example. This will be part one of a four part series. If you already know the basics or would like to dispense with the pleasantries then skip ahead to Let’s Get Started.

Backbone.js is a lightweight JavaScript MVC framework. The default transport mechanism for CRUD operations is XHR. Socket.io is a Node.js Web Socket server. This article provides an overview of using socket.io as the transport mechanism for Backbone.js CRUD operations via a custom Backbone.sync method.

The native JavaScript String.length is a count of 16 bit code points in a string, which can present a problem in some cases when counting characters and splitting strings in internationalized web applications because some characters are comprised of two code points.

Hi ,

The HTML5 cache manifest is the caching mechanism for the W3C’s specification for offline web applications.  Files cached by the manifest are not deleted when a user clears the standard browser cache, which makes the manifest a more persistent method for caching static assets such as CSS, JavaScript, and images for online web applications. 

I think viewpoint miantains its own database in Postgre, is there a way i can find details about that database and query it? Also i would like to know the capacity limit of the database

At the beginning of our current release, the Viewpoint engineering team decided to split itself into multiple cross-functional, self governing scrum teams. Each team consists of 5-10 members that are able to perform all the functions needed to produce working software: from design to development to test.  The Delta Force scrum team was focused on updating Viewpoint to support new Teradata 14.0 database features.  This article talks about some of our challenges and successes in transitioning to a more agile, scrum oriented team.

Teradata is pleased to announce the official release of Teradata Viewpoint 13.12 effective August 26th, 2011.