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I want to start using a Viewpoint AMI so that I can connect my other Teradata instances to it and start monitoring, running backup jobs, and etc. What is the proper way to launch and set up a Viewpoint image on AWS?

I want to create shared page with the ecosystem explorer job configured to show only certain columns.  I was successful creating a shared portlet to do this.  But, when I do this, the ability to click on the job and drill down into the job execution details is lost.  When I attempt to create a shared page, the ecosystem explorer is not one of the limited

Hello All,
This is the 1st time i am using the viewpoint portel.
In the firefox browser i tried both http:localhost:9080 and http: But i was unable to view the point.
When i checked the log in /opt/teradata/viewpoint/portal/logs/viewpoint.log. db.properties file is missing.

Hi all,
Could anyone tell me:
From which databases/table can I extract info about the owner/user of data lab/data lab group instead of from viewpoint?
Thank you!


Introduced in Viewpoint 15.11, Viewpoint Mobile is a new way of monitoring and managing your Teradata systems using an interface optimized for smaller devices. Viewpoint Mobile is designed to pull together the most relevant data and features from the System Health, Query Monitor, Alert Viewer, Metrics Analysis, and SQL Scratchpad portlets in order to support system monitoring and management while on the go. Whether you have Teradata, Aster, or Hadoop systems, Viewpoint Mobile allows you to monitor the health of those systems and to perform common management tasks. For example  aborting a query or changing the workload for a query on a Teradata DB system.


The Viewpoint Dashboard (released with Viewpoint 15.11) is designed to give you an at-a-glance overview of monitored systems while you perform your everyday tasks. If something catches your eye you can quickly switch to the Dashboard for a system and begin a more in-depth investigation.

Hi Friends,
I am using image TDExpress15.10.0.7_Sles11_40GB_vp and found that Viewpoint is not configured in this machine. I created the Viewpoint user as well as console user, still not able to add database on Teradata System tab.
Can somebody help me in this regard ?
Ravi Sharma

I'm working with the TDExpress15.10.0.7_Sles11_40GB_vp on VMware.   Everything but Viewpoint is working just fine.   I've run "start Viewpoint"  (also stop and start a few times).   Whenever I start up Firefox, I get the message I reference.   Has anyone else run into this problem?

The Teradata Data Lab 15.11 release is now available with formal GCA release in early November 2015. This article will discuss the latest enhancements. Note that Data Lab 15.11 was a relatively "light" release due to the significant changes made in the Teradata Data Lab 15.10 release in both visualization as well as feature functionality. There is still some good stuff here however so read on.

This session focuses on Monitoring for System Performance. 

Hi guys,
The Viewpoint of my inviroment is very slow and I want find another way to monitoring when this kind of problem occurs.
How can I create something like the portlet of "Query monitor" of viewpoint throught DBQL tables or anything else ?
Is there possible ? 

Technology Overview

The technologies used in this framework are highly responsive to data manipulation on charts.

The new charting frameworks uses following third-party client side libraries:


Good morning,
Our production system is monitored by a different viewpoint server that our dev/test system.
I often see multiple sessions for user 'viewpoint' and some sessions will be idle for several days.  This morning, I noticed two sessions that have been idle for over 30 days.

A query with 25 steps shows actual time & rows only for the first 20 steps. The last 5 steps are always empty ie not filled though the query completes successfully. Is it a bug or feature?

Hi there,
I not have defined specific Utility Limits on one of our system, so I'm using the default system utility limits i.e.

System Default Utility Limits







FastLoad or MultiLoad


Hi All
In the Data collectors setup : Enable SQL Explain collector is checked,
And i could see the error as below :
Unable to collect SQL and Explain for session xxxx . SQL error code :3296
can somebody explain on how to get it corrected or redirect 

We have a relatively large datawarehouse (V14.0 Viewpoint V14.10 SLES 10).
We have a problem with certain types of query and certain source tables that causes us tremendous problem with regards system delays.

Per this article:
"A Teradata Database system is considered DOWN in the health equation if any of the following conditions occurs:

Can anyone knows how to abort the idle session of more than 6 hours of the paritcular user automatically . Is is possble in viewpoint? Please help me... 

Is there any way to setup alert for a session with more PJI in Viewpoint? If no, any other way to attain this?

Hello forum,
Happy New Year.
Can we trigger a DCL statement on database whenever a data lab is created using Teradata Viewpoint?
for eg: - When a user or a user in a specific role creates a Datalab database X, then I need to provide the following Grant on trarget db like 'grant select on database X to Y'

TASM gives customers the ability to manage Teradata resource usage and performance on platforms executing diverse types of work.

One query was aborted by the system dba from viewpoint. I could take out the record from dbqllogtbl_hst and that shows that it was aborted. Now, i want to know which was the user/IP of the machine from which this was aborted. Can someone help me how to take out this info ?
Thanks !

Can anyone tell me where to find the Viewpoint server IP address and port number once the Viwepoint sevices have been started?

I have been informed that the manual is not complete for Clustering 2 Viewpoint Servers. This is my amended list of instructions from what I have been told.  Can anyone please check the following and correct/change where required:-

1) Must have two VP servers

2) Must be the same VP release

3) Must be the same time and zone

The Unified Data Architecture enables Teradata, Aster and Hadoop to deliver unparalleled value.

The Shared Pages feature in Viewpoint has been updated to make it simpler and more intuitive. Now, if you want to create a template page to share with others or to ensure that new users are not greeted with a blank Home page, you can find everything you need in the new and improved Shared Pages admin portlet.

Hi everyone,

In the System Health Portal, the System is showing in degraded mode.On cliking the icon, I can see the different Health metrics.One of them is AWT usage , which is showing in red.How do I check what is the threshold value for AWT  utilization,exceeding which the system goes to degraded state in the Viewpoint portel?

As part of the Viewpoint 15.00 release, the Viewpoint team built a brand new version of the Node Resources portlet.  The primary purpose of this portlet continues to be to identify skew on a Teradata Database system.  The original incarnation of this portlet required a fair amount of manual intervention in order to achieve this goal.  The new version of this portlet includes a simpler user interface and a new algorithm to identify skewed resources (or “outliers”) automatically.

This article is the official release announcement for Teradata Viewpoint 15.00 with an effective release date of April 9th 2014. The Viewpoint 15.00 release has a whole new look and feel. The upgraded infrastructure embraces newer web technologies, improves performance, and enhances user accessibility, interaction, and discovery. As the versioning suggests, Viewpoint 15.00 supports the Teradata Database 15.00 release. 

Hi Friends,
ViewPoint on TD Express 14 VMware shows TDExres as down where as from erminal I can see pdestate -a return clean and also I restarted TD few times, yet there is no change in the TDEpres status in ViewPoint. Any idea how to resolve this?

I need to set my viewpoint session never timeout.
In the "Teradata Viewpoint Configuration Guide" i find this metod:
1>Stop the Teradata Viewpoint portal
2>Open the file : /opt/teradata/viewpoint/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/web.xml and change this value :


We are migrating from one viewpoint server to another. How do I copy existing roles, users so that I do not have to recreate the users.
I do not care about the historical data collection.

Hi All, 
After reading this KA : KAP1B930A, I want to know what is DBCCONS partition sessions? Is there any way to see those details? 

We have Viewpoint v14 and unfortunately when users logon to the server, their passwords they use to connect to the viewpoint server is being sent in clear text.  Our security folks are not happy.

As an interaction designer working on Viewpoint, it is my job to take data and turn it into useful software interfaces. Who will use it? What do they need to accomplish? How often do they do it? How will they know when they have accomplished their goal?

We have several queries that sometimes get stuck in response mode. Is there a way to real time see what the queryid is of a query that is currently in response mode? Using the following:
SEL a.*,
FROM dbc.qrylog a
     LEFT OUTER JOIN dbc.qrylogsql b

Hi all,
Its my first question and i am new babie to teradata .
In view point from query monitor we are able to identify the long running job by seeing the time , session id and username . with this information can we able to back track and find jobname ( TPT)  and unix process id . please let me know if this is possible or not . 

Installed TD 14.10 VMWare. VP precesses start perfect. I munable to access the link http://localhost/c.
Please advice.

Have freshly loaded Terdata Express 14 on a Macbook Pro using VMware Fusion 5.  The bteq utility is working and can connect.  The Teradata Studio Express is able to connect.  However, when I start firefox I get the following error:

Unable to connect


Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost/

This article describes what's new in the Teradata Alerts 14.10 release (also known internally as CAM). This release was made available on May 30th 2013.


The Teradata Alerts 14.10 release restructures the alert delivery type in the Viewpoint "Admin" -> "Alert Setup" portlet to make it more modular and introduces a new timeout setting feature for various delivery types.  The remainder of this article provides feature details for all the highlights of the Teradata Alerts 14.10 release.

I find Tomcat manager don't provide in viewpoint 14.01, I need to undeploy test portlet what to do?

Is it possible to set up an alert when peak spool/spool for a user goes beyond a certain value? P.S. Viewpoint version i want to set up it on is 14.01
(I read in these forums this is possible on 14.10 onwards) But is there a workaround for 14.01?

one of the viewpoint databases, 'dcsdb' holds all the data of the DCS in it, but mine in particular has a problem:
the data retention is set to 6 months, but the database contains 400+ GB of data that's over three years old (probably older installations never purged)

Hi gurus,
I have a group of users who only need to monitor their queries via Viewpoint. They may see each other's queries, they would not have "abort session" rights anyway.
I see 2 possible solutions:

I don't see anything in viewpoint V14.00.00.05-b49 by default.  Has anybody created their own portlet to do something like that.  I would like to have a mechanism that emails an alert at X days to user, disables account after Y days and sends an alerting saying account is disabled.  Currently we are doing this through a ksh script and bteq.  Any ideas?

Is there any setting in viewpoint or data mover that will prevent execution of data mover job from viewpoint portlet.
We want to create the data mover job from viewpoint  but execution must be done via command line on data mover.
Appreciate your input.
Satish Patel

In Teradata Viewpoint System Health Portlet, on multiple occasions, I have encountered High CPU Skew or High I/O [More than 80 %] when the number of Active Sessions is Zero. How is this Possible? The System-Mode Activities cannot contribute towards so much Skew or I/O activity.