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In Teradata DB, generally expectation would be to get the data size for a table, but for my task I need to identify size of a View. This view contains joins from 3 different tables and all I could identify is the count of the View - 757747 records now. Reason behind this is to determine data file size for export and use it in another DB.

I have a Hive table that is too big for my Teradata database, but if I can exclude some of the columns, it should be OK.  Since I don't want to have a duplicate copy of the table with fewer columns on my hadoop server I have two choices for import:    1) use a view to filter out the columns or    2) use a query to filter out the columns.

We are using Views rather much. Data flows from tables trough several Views before they are used.
To simplify:
I have the following construct (the actual table and views are much more complicated, and there are a lot of data in the table):

I have a quick question regarding processing of views.

I have come across a strange situation. I have a view which points to a Global temporary table. There is a daily process that runs a macro to insert data into the view and then use it for select query Joins.

Hi Guys, thanks for reading the post. I did do a search for "view on view" and there was no result.

The Teradata 14.0 DDL manual shows that you can do the following, using a common table

create view rdptest



with test1 (clnt_cd,clnt_id)

as (select clnt_cd,clnt_id from dbatest_core_tb.clnt)

select clnt_cd,clnt_id from test1




Try to find some info about how to add info into a Title attribute for a View Column... No luck...
I can stuff Comment into all objects, and Titles into table columns, but view columns... no  !
Is it against some nature of the TD database ?
Any hints ?

I am finding out set of view's base table's last access timestamp. Right now I do
1. show view on the view name
2. Get the table name from the result
3. And find the table's last access time stamp from dbc.tables

I'm trying to create a view from WITH ... SELECT query.  The query itself works fine but once I try to create a view from it, I get a 3707 error.  
I'm running off TD 14.10.  Any thoughts?
Thanks, Richard

Would like to know if it is possible to show tablenames in mixed case (i.e., MixedCase instead of MIXEDCASE) in the Database Explorer window. If so, where and how is this option set?
Thank you!

Hi Dieter / All


I would like to know one thing.


There is one table T. A view V is created with LOCKING ROW FOR ACCESS.

Now, 3 different users (in 3 different sessions) are trying in parallel to INSERT using V (view).


is there any way to preserve header comments when sending a REPLACE VIEW with BTEQ?

Hi All,
    On top of a table i am creating a view as
replace view v1 as sel * from tabl1;
After creating this view i have added some columns in the base table. I am able to use those columns after replacing the view again. Is this the expected behaviour that if we add some column in the base table we have to refresh the view.

Hi all,

I'm having some performance issues due to the way certain queries are being processed by the optimizer. I have a set of views that I want to join together, and each of these views has the same JOIN/WHERE clause combination:

Hi All,
Lets say i have a view like
create view view1 as
sel * from  tab1 inner join tab2 loj tab3;
When user A hits this view, the spool required for the operation "sel * from  tab1 inner join tab2 loj tab3" is taken from user A  or by some other means??

Is it possible to refresh a view every 15 minutes using a trigger?


Does anyone have an example of how you can refresh a view every so many minutes via a trigger?

I have the following SQL to create a view

srv_rsp_evt_id (INTEGER, NAMED srv_rsp_evt_id, Title 'Survey Response Event ID')
, srv_rsp_txt (VARCHAR(1000),NAMED mn_rsn_not_prd_txt , TITLE 'Main Reason Not Productive' )
where srv_qst_cde in ('8303','8307')