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In order to solve a database issue, Teradat will be upgraded to 15.10 from 15.00
Can we continue to use our 15.00 to connect (i.e. is it offically supported?)

I am using Teradata jdbc driver to connect to Teradata data base from my java application. Couple of days back I got the following issue 'TeraResultSet:getTimestamp function failed'.

One of ouy node is down and we need to figure out on which operatin system is our teradata box installed . 

Any pointers would be appreciated .

DBA is out for couple of days :)



As part of my job, I have to understand the patching model of all databases our clients are using, in order to assure maximum security level. I have a couple of questions regarding the database, and I couldn't find the answers I was looking for online. Hope you can help me here,

1. Is there somewhere online we can see a list of all patches released for the DB? We are mostly interested in Security updates.

2. Is there some fixed date for patches? Like, for example, a new patch is releases every 2 month?