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Populating multiple values in SQL query from Excel/VBA
My question is related to populating my SQL query values from Excel/VBA.  In my query I have two types of inputs, one for a date, another for a city or list of cities.  The date is working just fine and is populated in Excel as 'YYYY-MM-DD.  I can do the same with a single city as 'MIAMI.  What I can't figure out is how I properly populate multiple cities
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ODBC and MS Access DSN-less connection VB
I have succesfully set up an Access front-end that links tables from a Teradata database.  Everything works fine when I have the tables linked through a DSN.  I am trying to set up a DSN-less connection, but I am encountering the following error:  "Reserved Error (-7778): there is no message for this error"
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How do I pass a DYNAMIC RESULT SET back to Visual Basic ?
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