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Teradata Parallel Transporter Supports Quoted VARTEXT in TTU14.00
We have made great strides in improving our handling of delimited data (i.e. CSV data) in Teradata Parallel Transporter for the TTU14.00 release. This article will describe the background of the data format, the original support, and the enhancements we have made.
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fastload error message: Not enough fields in vartext data record number: 1
Hello everyone, I am new to teradata and I am trying to upload a file using fast load. When I run the batch file I get the following error in the log file: Not enough fields in vartext data record number: 1 In the teradata table, I have varchar (100) for all the colums, so not sure what is going on. My script is the following: sessions 1; errlimit 10; logon DWSANA/username,password; set record vartext; begin loading D_CFAEISDB.FTP_profile_fl01 errorfiles d_cfaeisdb.Err1,d_cfaeisdb.Err2; RECORD 1; DEFINE FILE=\\is-m-54lxx-fs12\DBP_PLANNING\Fast Load\FTP profile.txt;
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