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TD 14 - Data Storage Questions
--create table CREATE SET TABLE database.table,  NO FALLBACK ,  NO BEFORE JOURNAL,  NO AFTER JOURNAL,  CHECKSUM = DEFAULT,  DEFAULT MERGEBLOCKRATIO  (         some columns...,  unique_number_10_digits CHAR(10) CHARACTER SET LATIN NOT CASESPECIFIC NOT NULL  ) PRIMARY INDEX( unique_number_10_digits ); --inserts
char varchar create table INSERT INTO
Dear all, 
with recursive COLUMN TRUNCATED cast varchar
varchar join integer
Consider two tables ,one has COLUMN_A defined as a VARCHAR(100) and the other has COLUMN_A defined as an INTEGER. When joining these two tables via COLUMN_A what does the optimizer have to do in order to accomplish the join?Convert VARCHAR to INTEGER  or convert INTEGER to VARCHAR? thanks.
join varchar integer convert
Teradata Load Errors
Hello, I am attempting to load a tab delimited file into a table, and I am receiving the following errors:   Row number 6,812 had an error. Cause = Unexpected number of parameters Row number 26,237 had an error. Cause = Unexpected number of parameters
teradata load parameters varchar parentheses
Table operator UDF - VARCHAR length
Hi experts I am  developing a table operator UDF using C/C++ . Teradata release is .
udf varchar TERADATA datatype
Behavior of VARCHAR and COMPRESSed columns in SPOOL
Hello, Could someone please answer:1. REGARDING VARCHAR: I have a table with one of the columns defined as VARCHAR(255) even though the char length would never exceed 15 characters. Is there any performance impact in defining a column as VARCHAR(255) against defining it as VARCHAR(15).
varchar compress spool
VARCHAR Compression
Hi , When adding MVC  to VARCHARs is there any space benefit realised from NULL valued columns, I don't beleive there is  (as Null valued varchars take up no space anyway ) but couldn't find anything specifically in the manuals . Thanks Nick  
varchar compression
Load FASTLOAD Error Records into Required Format
I need to store the value in the DataParcel column(which is of VARBYTE datatype) in the first error table of FASTLOAD into a permanent teradata table but with a proper format(The ddl of this table will be exactly the same as the target table, except that all datatypes are varchar) I know this as a potential solution/*From teradata manual*/:
fastload error table bteq varbyte recordmode bteq import using insert dataparcel smallint udf varchar
SQL to import string with comma (,) from a file using SQL Assistant
Hi, I am trying to import data from a text file using a SQLAssitant. But it is giving me an error as the string contains ",". I am using this below syntax for inserting:   CREATE VOLATILE TABLE kumar_test (a INTEGER, b VARCHAR(100)) PRIMARY INDEX  ( a );   INSERT INTO kumar_test(?,?)  
comma varchar import sql
Is there a way to convert string data into varbinary data type. I want to use the BYTE/BIT manipulation functions on a string column, but they can recieve only BYTEINT,INT, BIGINT and VARBYTE data types as arguments. I tried this kind of cast:
cast char varchar varbyte