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We have some jobs loading data from TPT which creates ET for duplicate records.
Does anyone know how to convert Hostdata values into actual record from ET? I have limitations, can not user fastexport or Varbyte2Varchar UDF.

I need to store the value in the DataParcel column(which is of VARBYTE datatype) in the first error table of FASTLOAD into a permanent teradata table but with a proper format(The ddl of this table will be exactly the same as the target table, except that all datatypes are varchar)
I know this as a potential solution/*From teradata manual*/:

I have a table which has a column where I can find special characters like &Altide; &Abc; etc. The total list of special characters is 110, I identified them using the logic anything between "&" and ";" is a special character and finally cross checked manually. Now I need to find and replace them in my table with space(" ").

Is there a way to convert string data into varbinary data type. I want to use the BYTE/BIT manipulation functions on a string column, but they can recieve only BYTEINT,INT, BIGINT and VARBYTE data types as arguments.
I tried this kind of cast: