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Explain Fast Load in Teradata?


I have the requirement, where for one of the client I need to incorporate the filename in Teradata table. Client has Teradata 13 machine. We have a fixed width source flat file and we are using TPT script in "TEXT" format. 


Hello all:
My question is for any utility, but we can use BTEQ as an example.
.LOGON tdpid/username,logon
My understanding is the tdpid optional, however, if I run this from a bteq prompt:
.LOGON username,logon
I get an invalid logon.  

Inside a Stored Procedure i need to read the values from a flat file and load that into a table and do some operations in that. Likewise i also need to do some transformations in some tables and write the output into a flat file. How can i achieve this functionality inside a SP?
Thanks in advance :)

Hi Masters,

I have a file which I am loading in to two tables one with MLOAD and other with FASTLOAD. Let's say the first column (non-PI column) is coming in as CHAR(20) and second column (also non-PI) as 12 DIGIT number from file. And in both the tables the first column is defined as CHAR(15) and second one as INTEGER. Below are my questions

Have you ever wanted two levels of control on load utilities?  More specifically, have you ever wanted to limit how many load utilities a subset of users are able to run? This was not possible before, but it is something that is supported in the Teradata 13.10 release.  Let me explain how this works.    


Can some one provide me the link to Teradata Load utilities for linux download location. I have searched the download center extensively with no result. I would like to install BTEQ,FASTLOAD,MULTILOAD,TPUMP utilites on linux box.



I am dealing with a very stragnge situation that I hope someone can explain. We recently upgraded to a V12 Teradata machine at our client site. We are now trying to install the V12 TTU on everyone's desktop.

The background here is that the Admin rights to desktops has been removed, and we have to ask permission desk by desk to get admin rights to install the TTU Utilities. It is very time-consuming.

This book provides information about Teradata MultiLoad, a product that provides an efficient way to deal with batch maintenance of large databases. Teradata MultiLoad is a command-driven utility for fast, high-volume maintenance on multiple tables and views in a Teradata Database.