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Hi there,
I assume I have a pretty naughty case .
I have a dimension table with a secondary unique index (COUNTRY_ISO_A2 ,CITY_TXT ,ZIP_CODE) from columns with datatype

Hi there,

Can TPT be used to export ASCII data as UTF-8... ? Meaning, the data stored in the TD DB table is ASCII, but we want a flat file export that is in UTF-8 Format. Is this possible?

As far as I have seen in the TPT User Guide, it appears that the character set of data and export file should be the same.



The Unicode™ standard defines five encodings (the first three encodings are currently supported by Teradata):

The ALC (ALgorithmic Compression) test package contains UDFs simulating TD13.10 built-in compression functions, test templates for Latin and Unicode character columns and step-by-step instructions. It is intended for TD users to run over specific data at column level to determine compression rates of TD 13.10 built-in compression algorithms. The test results provide information for selecting an appropriate algorithm for specific data. These tests use read-only operations and they can be executed on any release that supports UDFs (V2R6.2 & forward). It is recommended to run these tests off peak hours - they will use a significant amount of system resources (CPU bound).

Workstation BTEQ recently added Unicode Support to its list of capabilities.  This article will explain to you how to start a Unicode BTEQ session in both interactive and batch mode. Command line options have been provided to give you control and flexibility to execute BTEQ in various Unicode environments, while preserving BTEQ’s legacy behavior.