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As an interaction designer working on Viewpoint, it is my job to take data and turn it into useful software interfaces. Who will use it? What do they need to accomplish? How often do they do it? How will they know when they have accomplished their goal?

There’s been a movement over the past few years termed Enterprise 2.0, which encourages enterprises to adopt Web 2.0 technologies throughout their web infrastructure, both in intranets and externally facing online properties.

 One design issue that comes up whenever you have the good fortune of designing from scratch is whether or not to use icons. Icons offer some distinct advantages. Icons

The Internet brings a lot of the metaphors used in the paper and print world to cyberland. One such metaphor is that of alternating colors of rows in a grid for easy reading. An age old practice with a number of merits seems not to work in web applications. Here are my arguments for moving on to plain grids with gridlines: