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Using tdwallet version
I can not get $tdwallet to work in any way.  The tdwallet utility works and lets me add entries and delete entries.  But, in a bteq, the value is not substituted and I get a logon error.  For ease, I created an entry u with a value of the username and p with the password. 

1. What is the SQL to  create  a new user that uses  LDAP authentication mechanism?
2. If a user was created without LDAP authentication how can we change them to LDAP authentication?

Hello !
How to check/decide about correct Spool limit one user should have?

When the loading processes start I have to disable logon to users, and when the last process ends I have to enable logons.
I'm doing this with a Revoke Logon on all to user_x, and then grant logon on all to user_x;
what I want to know is if I can do this at role level

When i get an error stating 'NO MORE SPOOL SPACE IN USER' what does it mean?
My understanding is that spool space is allocated equally across all AMPs and upper limit is defined for an USER.
For example if FREE SPACE available is 500 GB and there are 10 AMPS then each amp gets 50 GB of spool space.


I want to render portlet content only for "Administrator" "Role" and, render: "Access not allowed" for any other "Role".
What would be the best way to achieve this "if/else"...


I need the role of a user in my code so can anyone tell me as how to get the role of the current user?

Thanks in advance.


We need each VP user to be able to store his very own portlet preferences values
in a custom developed VP portlet .
Like each user needs to configure his own personal database-login in the preferences.

The problem right now is that as soon as user 'A' changes the values of the his own preferences to his own
personal settings, his settings are somehow distributed to all other vp users too.

So next time when user 'B' looks at his preferences settings he will see the personal
preferences settings of user 'A' , instead of his own user 'B' preferences settings.

I am creating a portlet that will be able to graph certain variables such as delta CPU by user name over a day. I know that I can pull all the session data grouped by user name, but I was wondering if there is a method or DAO that you could recommend that would give me a list of user names for a system.