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I downloaded TTU 14.10 for Windows from TD Dev Exchange.  After unpacking the zip file, I looked for setup.exe as directed by the web page.  There are multiple versions of that executable in each of the sub-folders for the tools, but no setup.exe in the TTUExpress folder.  However, there are 3 executables, TTU_Base.exe, TTU_DBM.exe, and TTUListProducts.ex

Hello there , I am urgently  looking for any suggestion or support to get free teradata database and the TTU ( for teradata v13 or 14 ) that is compatible to  laptop with configuration  Intel Core i5-3210M /750GB HDD/8GB RAM/Windows 8. have tried other database versions but it din work out. Awaiting a quick response in this regard , Vikram





    I installed Teradata 13.0 express edition after completion of installation for few days it is working good.