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We are planning to upgrade from TTU 15.00 to TTU 15.10 but before doing so , I wanted to know whether there any major bug fixes and any new features in TTU 15.10 release when compared to 15.00 release. I searched online regarding this but couldn't find anything. Can anyone help me with this?

This talks about the use of the Data Warehouse Query Driver TdBench in relation to:

Hi Team,
Our system will be getting upgraded from 14.10.6 to 15.10. Looking for upgrade test strategies or test cases.  Please share your inputs on this,
Anil Daki

Stats were collected in Teradata 12
Teradata upgraded to Teradata 14
What happens to the stats from Teradata 12?

In my server I am running TD Express for VMware, version TD14.10. I have created several users and have no relevant data there (its a sort of sandbox for some users).
I would like to create all the users and keep the same passwords. I am guessing that this could be done exporting and loading some tables into TD15?

Hi ,

Its always a case that when we try to upgrade lower to higher versions in TD there is a problem with reserve words. It might be the case that in lower version the specific word might not be a reserve word but higher version it is a reserve word.
Is there a way in Teradata to find resrve words of that version ?

You’re in a time crunch. Maybe you’ve got an undersized backup environment that is incredibly slow, or you just have important stuff happening and you need to keep the software upgrade window as short as possible.

Yeah, I know. All you need is another “thing to remember to do” following your upcoming hardware upgrade. As if your “must do” list wasn’t long enough already.

This article provides a high-level overview of the process involved in moving to Teradata 13. Teradata 13 offers many new features and some of the highlights are covered in other articles on DEV/X. The focus here is how to get to Teradata 13.0.