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Merge - Without insert when not matched?
I have 2 tables.   One has the test locations, columns are:Test_Date Latitude Longitude   The second table has the info about the locations, columns are:Latitude LongitudeArea
merge update insert lookup
Update with two joins
Hi, I am having trouble with writing an update statement. Below is the SQL code to understand basic update I need:
update update with join
Replace NULL Values in Table with Most Recent NOT NULL values
I have a table with the following layout cust_acct_id (PK)| effect_dt | expiry_dt | curr_rec_ind | field_a | field_b | field_c | field_d I have to populate any NULL values in field_a, field_b, field_c, or field_d with the most recent value received for that field for the same cust_acct_id. Sample Input:
last_value teradata sql update
using update with WITH clause
Hi,   I'm trying to do something like below, but its giving me syntax error, can anyone please tell me what is the issue and how to fix this.   with cte0(ID,int_col1) as(     select row_number() over (order by (select 1)) AS ID,int_col1 from shuffletest ) update cte0 set int_col1=ID;  
with database query update select function row number
Target row is being updated by multiple source rows in an Update statement
I have an update statement directly referencing one table and a second one through a SELECT statement. That second table (CONTACT_TEMP) is created to hold no duplicates  based on the EMAIL field as a primary index. So I'm confused as to why TD is giving me error 7547: Target row is being updated by multiple source rows in an UPDATE statement
Disable Updates on specific column.
Dears, Kindly, I need a solution to disable updates on spesefic column. If there is any solution other than using trigger it will be great. Thanks Mohammad Alaa
UPDATE Statement using LEFT JOIN and CASE statement
UPDATE db.source   SET   region= CASE WHEN b.title_rw LIKE '%East%'  THEN 'East' WHEN b.title_rw LIKE '%Central%'  THEN 'Central' WHEN b.title_rw LIKE '%West%'  THEN 'West' else 'Region N/A' END    from db.source a
update join case
All AMP active for Updates based on primary index
Hi All, I am updating my tables based on primary index, however from the DBQL I see all the amps are active. Could someone explain, if this is expected ?   Cannot post the table structre for confidentialy reasons. But it's like: MyTable (Column1 CHAR(10) ,Column2 CHAR(5) ,Column3 INTEGER ....
update primary index all amp
Data update cost for table with lots of columns or only a few columns
Hi, Thanks for your viewing and appreciate your help ! I have a question regarding the Data update cost for table with lots of columns or only a few columns. for example, i want to udpate a single column for Table A which has 100 columns.
Upgrade Client ODBC Drivers
Being not an expert at upgrades, I have an old client GSS/ODBC install version 3.06 & would like to upgrade to the latest V14 drivers. The old drivers are located in an NCR folder, & from initial checks the V14 installs under Teradata folder. How do I sucessfully update?
odbc driver update