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I am using the following query to find out columns that have untransalatable characters:
SEL msg,
translate_chk (  msg using LATIN_TO_UNICODE) as pos 
FROM Msgtbl WHERE pos<>0;
I am finding the initial position of the untranslatable character.

I'm having an issue with an 'untranslatable character' error. I've read numerous dev forum posts on the topic, reviewed TD documentation, and still can't find a solution.

Hi Guys,
I have data coming from external source which i'm trying to insert into a static table.
the data sometimes contains corrupted characters and of course will not be recorded.

Greetings Experts,
I need to find out what are the columns that has any language characters other than english (unicode with other language characters in it - not dbc.columns.chartype=2)  Teradata version: 13.10
eg: tablea=> cola => unicode => the data in it is in chinese

Hi All
I am creating a TPT script to load some characters into table. I know if I set the session character set to UTF8 it will get loaded. But I am unable to set the session character set to UTF8 using my TPT script. 

I am getting error of untranslatable character in teradata as target table definition is LATIN.I changed my source stage table definition to UNICODE.Now that particular record is getting inserted.


Hi all,


I am trying to combine multiple rows into a single row,and in the process I created a global temporary table info_v. But Im getting error in this part: