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I've been playing with Teradata ODBC Driver for Linux x64 version 15.10. I have installed it and successfully able to connect via tdxodbc64 tool. But unfortunatelly, I wasn't able to connect via a very simple Mono application (Mono runtime 3.12.1).



I can successfully connect to DB2 using my odbc files. But when I try it with Teradata I get the following error:

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I have a Linux system on which I need to load Teradata Studio Express.  I've downloaded the app and attempted the install.  My Linux system does not support a GUI, so I need to run the TSE functions via the command line.
Does any documentation exist on the installation and operation of TSE using the command line?

I have requirement where i need to send mutliple files based on the data. Our enivroment is Unix and teradata.
EG: below is table with sample table.
C_Name   ID
xxxxx        1
yyyy          1
aaaaa       2
bbbbb       2
ccccc         1

Every day i will receive a Flat file which i have Mload it in prod. So i have to check the Header in file and make sure it matches with old one.
File Delimited '|'

Eg : S_NO | LNAME | FNAME  (Given header)

Eg : S_NO | LNAME | FNAME (File header)

Hi Teame
I am new to teradata, I haved DB2, in which for connection to DB is quite easy, just call profile and connect to db and we can use UNIX command after SQL if need to do with that.

Hello everyone!

I need to export about 5-6 files from a channel-attached instance, and these files will be consumed by an Unix application. Can I avoid a FTP or somethink alike by "replacing" my DDNAME by an Unix path, if possible?


Thanks in advance,


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Hello All,

We have a Unix C application that connects to Teradata as backend. We are currently migrating from HP-UX to AIX. The exe which is working fine in HP-UX, is dumping core in AIX.

We have re-compiled the code in AIX successfully. We are getting the following error when we try to run the executable -

The 32 bit executable needs to be re-compiled as 64 bits. The exe compiled successfully, but it is dumping core when trying to login to Teradata -

IFMXcomm[21] = 14
IFMXcomm[22] = 9
Before Proc OpenDB 0 1311723748 41
In open Teradata DB
Teradata system: qa

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