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Hi Team,
I have a requirement like below.
and if my COL1 has any of ABC or DEF then it should make another entry say 'XYZ' like below.
When i use a case statement like below.

I am trying to insert data from prod to dev by using TPT Update operator. By mistake i have deleted all error tables including work table, log table.
Agin when i submit the script am got TPT10508: RDBMS error 2583 error in teradata tpt Error. Can you please suggest me how  resolve this issue.
Error :

I have to create a trigger on table A so that whenever there is any insert or delete in table A, there should be same insert and Delete in Table B.
Please let me know if it is possible. If you can provide the syntax as well that will be great.

I am having an issue when using Bteq in Linux. 
Let's say I have a table in teradata that has two columns:
Article            Date_issue
 Article1         12/18/2013
When I qu ery this table from Bteq in Linux the result is:
Article            Date_Issue
Article1          13/12/18

Hi -
I have req such that , i need to call a procedure inside another using dynamic sql.
there is permanent table, which has procedure column, which will be loaded from java.
Once it is loaded a report procedure will be called through perl script.

I have installed Teradata Express edition 13 in windows XP. I have a LDAP server as well. I want to log in to teradata using LDAP authentication.
Please suggest me the steps to achieve the requirement. Appreciate any help.
Thanks and Regards,
Sayak Ghosh