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I'm trying to install the (Redhat) RPM files on my Ubuntu system. I tried using 'alien' to convert the .rpm to .deb files but, inexplicably, it refuses to convert a i386 package on a x64 platform. No matter - I can convert it to a .tgz file and install it manually.

Has anyone else seen this? Currently if I run up a connection via the JDBC driver under a 64bit JVM of 32bit JVM under a 64bit Ubuntu I get an unexpected hang. Under a 32bit JVM on a 32bit Ubuntu install everything works fine. The really weird thing is if I run the connection thread through strace it appears to be spinning never really connecting.

I've been struggling with this for a while.. has anyone had success getting this package to work? I've installed the driver using alien to convert the rpm to a deb package. The package installs, but the driver does not appear to be available when viewing the ODBCconfig gui.

Has anyone installed ODBC client (GSS, ICU, ODBC) in UBUNTU ? Is there any documentation available ?

I tried using the RPM packages, the Linux Independent installer "tdodbc__LINUX_INDEP." comes with, but no success.