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The TVS portlet shows me the 'balance' of the cylinders allocated to each bucket, hot, fast, medium.... Is there a way to identify what data is where, i.e. by database or table?

we are using TVS on td 13.10.

TVAM management tool for TVS only allow reports at cylinder/amp  level which is on the physical level

Data temperature, a metaphor for frequency of access, is used by Teradata Virtual Storage (TVS) to automatically move data throughout the spectrum of storage media (e.g. from HDD to SSD) based on performance needs. Teradata believes that every organization possesses a wide range of value in the data they use for analytics. Consequently, we are pursuing a strategy to match the cost of storage to the value of data in the organization – using all classes of storage simultaneously (in-memory, SSD, performance disk, capacity disk, and archives).


I am interested in any comments from users of Teradata regarding Teradata v13 Virtual Storage. Has anyone successfully implemented it in a live environment? an Active EDW? I am interested in real life experience rather than test setups or strictly controlled POC environments (Im a committed cynic!)